The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) provides the funds for Not Alone @ the Beach under its Campus Sexual Assault (CT) Program.  Cal OES states: 

“The purpose of the CT Program is to maintain a comprehensive, coordinated, community response that is victim-centered, enhances victim safety (regardless of whether or not they report the crime to law enforcement or other investigatory bodies and regardless of whether or not they choose to participate in an investigation), provides confidential services to sexual assault victims, holds offenders accountable, and includes comprehensive outreach activities at institutions of higher education.”

A ‘comprehensive, coordinated community response’ requires collaboration with campus and community partners whose overlapping mission is to support survivors and prevent violence.  Accordingly, all Cal OES grant recipients must create and maintain a Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT).  This grant mandate is in keeping with official recommendations made by federal agencies like the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), the Department of Justice, and the Center for Disease Control (Violence Prevention Initiatives).  A Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT) is a multidisciplinary team of campus and community partners who meet regularly to coordinate, plan, and evaluate advocacy services and prevention education on campus in the areas of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.   

Since 2015, Not Alone @ the Beach has maintained a working CCRT that draws together the professional expertise of our community partners in the greater Long Beach/Los Angeles area as well as our campus representatives who provide services and support to CSULB students.  The NATB CCRT welcomes new members.  To join, please contact Chair of the CCRT, Dr. Shelley Eriksen at  


2021-2022 Members Include:

  • Dr. Courtney Ahrens, Professor of Psychology, CSULB
  • Olivia Alvarez-Cordero, Program Manager, YWCAGLA Sexual Assault Crisis Services
  • Dr. Abby Bradecich, Staff Psychologist, CSULB Counseling & Psychological Services
  • Imelda Buncab, Share Our Selves Community Health Center
  • Kat Azzam, ASI Student Representative
  • Dr. Piya Bose, Dean of Students, CSULB
  • Corry Colonna, Executive Director of Housing, CSULB
  • Tiffany Edlin, Senior Associate Athletic Director, CSULB
  • Dr. Shelley Eriksen, Professor of Human Development & Sociology, Project Director NATB
  • Katherine Gonzalez, ASI Student Representative, CSULB
  • Dr. Bita Ghafoori, Director of Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center
  • Dr. Diane Hayashino, Staff Psychologist, CSULB Counseling & Psychological Services
  • Larisa Hamada, Assistant Vice President, Office of Equity & Diversity, CSULB
  • Angela Kim, Outreach and Education Coordinator, Women’s Shelter of Long Beach
  • Alyce LaViolette, MS, MFT, West Los Angeles
  • Dean Lockwood, Su Casa
  • Liliana Lopez, Program Director, Su Casa
  • Liana Marin, Student-Athlete Development Coordinator, CSULB
  • Julia MacLaren, Graduate Student & Project Research Associate
  • Sgt Jafra Millner, University Police Department
  • Nadia Parada, Women’s Shelter of Long Beach
  • Linda Pena, ATOD/Violence Prevention & Sexual Misconduct Counselor, CSULB
  • Pam Rayburn, Coordinator, Women’s & Gender Equity Center, CSULB
  • Liza Rodriguez, Director of Sexual Assault Crisis Services, YWCAGLA
  • Jacqueline Urtez, CSULB Campus Confidential Advocate
  • Carole Williams, Interval House
  • Damian Zavala, Associate Vice President, Department of Health & Wellness

Project technical assistance provided by ValorUS (Priscilla Klassen & Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez)