Nine CLA departments recognized for Achievement in Student Success for 2014

July 1, 2014

CLA departments earned more than half of the new awards that Academic Affairs instituted to recognize for high performance with respect to student success.  The Awards were provided in two categories.

“High Achievement in Student Success” awards went to the 12 CSULB departments with the highest graduation rates for native and transfer students within respective departments in the past three years. Seven of these 12 awards went to departments in CLA: ANTHROPOLOGY, COMMUNICATION STUDIES, HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, LINGUISTICS, PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY, and WOMEN’S STUDIES.  

“Improvement in Student Success” Awards went to the departments with the largest retention increases for native and transfer students within respective departments, comparing the past two years to the prior two years.  Six of these 12 awards went to CLA departments: ANTHROPOLOGY, GEOGRAPHY, HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, LINGUISTICS, RELIGIOUS STUDIES, and WOMEN’S STUDIES.

These departments received plaques and $10,000 for each award.

That CLA receive 13 of the possible 24 awards is a testament to the hard work of the faculty and staff in CLA who work hard to keep our students on track to graduation, and who serve as models to the entire CSULB community.