‘Ofrenda’ Display

October 20, 2016

the “Dia de los muertos” ‘Ofrenda’ exhibitThe Spanish Program in the Department of Romance German Languages and Literatures would like to invite you the “Dia de los muertos” and ‘Ofrenda’ Event.

The ‘Ofrenda’ display will be in the AS-124 starting Oct 26th until November 4th. The exhibit and altar are made possible by Prof. Patricia Amezcua and students in the Spanish Program.  

During the Dia de los muertos event (Tuesday November 1st) the ‘Ofrenda’ display will be available for viewing in front of the AS Building and then moved into the Anatol Center for the main event.

If you wish to participate in this event, please bring a decorated skull or any other form of artwork related to this celebration along with pictures of family members you wish to display to memorialize and honor them to Patricia Amezcua (Patricia.Amezcua@csulb.edu) in AS-330 before October 28th.