American Studies

American Studies Program

Welcome to Summer 2023 at CSULB!

The American Studies Program is offering three online courses this summer. AMST 142: Race & Hollywood and AMST 350: California Cultures are both offered during session 1. AMST 350 is also offered in session 3. You can find more information here.

We are looking forward to fall 2023. Students can expect more American Studies events, including pizza nights, movie club, scholarly talks, and walking tours of downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach. Look for information about these and other events on our Canvas page and on social media, including “American Studies at the Beach” on Facebook and our amst_csulb page on Instagram.

Summer Advising

For summer advising questions, please email Dr. Mizelle, Director of American Studies, directly at to schedule an appointment.

Students should also talk at least once per semester with an advisor at the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) ATLAS network, as they are terrific with the “big picture” issues like general education, timely graduation, and so forth. You can make an appointment with them via their website. We hope to hear from all of you at some point this semester to see how things are going and to make plans for the rest of this academic year, so please reach out to Dr. Mizelle and to ATLAS when you can.

Please email the department chair, Dr. Brett Mizelle, with any questions you might have about the American Studies Program at Go Beach!