Undergraduate Programs

American Studies Undergraduate Program

The American Studies Program offers a major leading to the bachelor’s degree and a minor. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the program director at an early stage in their studies for general education and preparatory course recommendations. The program director also provides ongoing advising and career information for American Studies students.

Bachelor of Arts in American Studies

A minimum of 36 units distributed as follows:

Core courses (21 units): AMST 300, 350I, 498 plus 6 additional units in AMST-designated courses. Students also need to take 3 units in American Cultural History (chosen from HIST 477A and 477B) and 3 units in American Literature (chosen from ENGL 375 and 372I).

Elective pattern (15 units): Students choose a five-course elective pattern in consultation with the program advisor in one of the following areas of concentration: (A) American Institutions, Ideas, and Experiences; (B) Diversity and Difference; (C) Popular Culture, Media, and Consumerism; (D) Public Culture and Civic Engagement; (E) Student Designed Area of Concentration. No more than two courses in this elective pattern can come from any one academic department.

Minor in American Studies

A minimum of 18 units consisting of AMST 300, AMST350I, HIST477A or HIST477B, and 9 more units chosen in consultation with the faculty advisor.

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