Eileen del Rosario

Photo of Eileen del Rosario

Name: Eileen del Rosario

Position: Environmental Scientist with the Department of Public Health

Eileen was a biological science intern for NOAA, under the National Marine Fisheries Service’s highly migratory species branch. The majority of her work involved the management of fish species that migrate throughout the Pacific Ocean, since we’re required to manage the species throughout their range. Because there are jurisdictional overlaps in the Pacific, we use scientific data from regional science centers and international assessments and translate them into management actions that comply with federal regulations and international agreements. We manage the fisheries to ensure sustainability of the species while also evaluating the potential impacts of fisheries on all species and evaluating the potential impacts to our economy.
“I have been exposed to and have been able to contribute to a range of projects, including stock status determinations, environmental assessments, endangered species petitions, the regulatory amendment process, and the political process that comes with it all. Although it seems like a short list, I definitely never run out of things to do and I’m always learning something new.”
Eileen is now working as an environmental scientist with the Department of Public Health.