Sam Hoang

Photo of Sam Hoang

Name: Sam Hoang

Position: Employee with the Southern Nevada Water Authority

Sam just finished a tour with the NCC/AmeriCorps (and in coordination with the BLM and USGS) in a restoration project for burned areas in Nevada in order to restore desert tortoise habitat and to test out an experimental planting technique (Jelly Rolling). The restored areas are: Goodsprings, Gold Butte (yes, THAT Gold Butte), Red Rock, and Coyote Springs. He has also decommissioned some unofficial ATV trails too in Goodsprings, Gold Butte, and Coyote Springs. In January, he started working with the Southern Nevada Water Authority working in Warm Springs, NV. He is clearing out invasive plant species for the Moapa dace, a federally endangered fish that is endemic to the area.