Will Edwards (Class of 2014) – Eurofins

Will Edwards at Eurofins


Will Edwards

Degree: B.S., Environmental Science and Policy (Class of 2014)

Organization: Eurofins

Website: http://eurofinsus.com/services/environmental.html


Currently finishing his last semester at CSULB, Will Edwards works twenty-five hours per week at Eurofins, a full scale water quality testing lab in Orange County. Once he has completed his degree, he is set to work full time with the organization.


Will’s advice for ESP students looking for a similar position? Get lab experience and take internships! He began as an intern at Long Beach Organic in early 2013. It was his experience in public outreach in his first internship that caught the eye of his future employer in Eurofins.


“I began by finding any internship I could get. I applied to them all, and didn’t let anything discourage me. Don’t be afraid to take the first job you’re given, because you don’t know where it will lead.”