The Minor

Minor in Jewish Studies

Minor in Jewish Studies The Minor in Jewish Studies consists of a minimum of 19 units. Jewish Studies encourages undergraduate students to acquire the academic breadth and depth to comprehend the major issues, themes, and concepts of a culture and heritage that has had a distinct impact on world civilization. The interdisciplinary minor consists of courses in a variety of disciplines, including literature, history, religion, geography, Hebrew language, and politics. Students will expand their understanding of the broader dynamics of the Jewish experience through different eras and geographic settings, both in Israel and the Diaspora.


  1. Required core courses: HIST 141.
  2. At least three units from the following courses: CWL 342 or CWL 344.
  3. At least four units from the following courses: HEBW101A, HEBW 101B, or HEBW210
  4. At least three units from the following courses: HIST 304, HIST 344, HIST 345, HIST 393, HIST 432, HIST 434, or HIST 470.
  5. At least three units from the following courses: R/ST 210, R/ST 230, R/ST 311, R/ST 312I, R/ST 314, R/ST 315I. R/ST 317, R/ST 318, R/ST 319, R/ST 320A, R/ST 320B, or R/ST 460
  6. The remaining three units to complete the minor may be satisfied through any of the courses listed above, or GEOG 309I, POSC 367, or other courses as determined by the advisor.
  7. In the event that no course is available to satisfy a requirement of the minor, the missing course or courses may be substituted as determined by the program advisor.