RGRLL: An Afternoon of Translation in Memory of Professor Claudia Gosselin

October 10, 2011

This program is dedicated to the memory of Professor Claudia Gosselin, who taught and mentored students in the French and Francophone Studies Program of the Department of Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures until passing away on January 21st, 2011.  Her intelligence, talents, and unwavering dedication to California State University, Long Beach are honored here today. Through Claudia, we also wish to honor the work of so many adjunct faculty who contribute to the success of CSULB students every day.


3:00 PM          Opening Remarks: Clorinda Donato, Graziadio Chair of Italian Studies, and Claire Martin, Professor of Spanish


3:15 PM          CSULB Papers in Translation Studies

“Intimacy, Sisterhood, and Agency: Modupe Bode-Thomas’ translation of So Long a Lettre [Une Si Longue Lettre] and the undermining of Mariama Ba’s transformational feminism”

— Jesse Garcia, French and Francophone Studies

“Translating the Day: English translations of Giuseppe Parini’s Il Giorno

— Violetta Pasquarelli-Gascon, Italian Studies

“Neapolitan Dialect and Cultural Misreadings in the Translation of Erri De Luca’s Montedidio

— Alessandro Russo, Italian Studies

“Multiple Identities in Translation: The Spanish and English Translations of Abdellah Taïa’s L’Armée de Salut

— Alvaro Luna, French and Francophone Studies

“The Iliad and Translation”

— Gabriella Kay, French and Francophone Studies


4:45 PM          Coffee Break


5:00 PM          Lecture and Workshop

“Translating Difference: Humor, Juvenile’s Argot and Other Challenges”

Tiziana Gibilisco, University of Milan


6:30 PM          Remembering Claudia

Lisa Vollendorf, Chair, RGRLL

The Audience is invited to share memories of Claudia.


7:15 PM          Reception