Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures Conference

October 10, 2013
Georg Büchner

Georg Büchner

Join the Department of Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures (RGRLL) this October 17 through October 19 for its conference on the 200th anniversary of German dramatist and poetry and prose writer, Georg Büchner’s, birth. The conference will be held in the Karl Anatol Center from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Georg Büchner’s life

In spite of a short life (17 October 1813 – 19 February 1837) and a brief scientific, political, and literary career, Georg Büchner is widely known today as one of the most enduring revolutionary thinkers of the early 19th century. His revolutionary works went on to influence important writers (Karl Emil Franzos, Frank Wedekind, Bertolt Brecht, Arnold Zweig, and Thomas Mann), composers (Alban Berg, Paul Dessau, and Wolfgang Rihm), and filmmakers (Werner Herzog, Georg C. Klaren). What is it about Büchner’s biography and few works written in such a short period, which are nonetheless so different from each other, that continue to resonate today?

In addition to the fourteen presentations of papers at the conference, the event will feature two movie screenings and a stage production:

  • Georg C. Klaren’s Wozzeck (1947) on 10/17 at 6pm at MM100 with an introduction by Carrie Collenberg-Gonzalez from Longwood University
  • Werner Herzog’s Woyzeck (1979) on 10/19 at 5pm at MM100
  • Stage production of Woyzeck directed by Matthew Straus on 10/18 at 5:30pm at THEA 24/26

For more information, please see the RGRLL Conference program and conference description