Scholarly Intersection Grant (SIG)


Academic Year 2023/2024

The goal of the CLA Scholarly Intersections Program is to facilitate events and presenters that enhance the intellectual life of the College and to provide opportunities for scholarly exchange across departments and disciplinary boundaries. Scholarly Intersections events must therefore be co-organized by faculty from at least two CLA departments and may include collaborations with faculty from other campus entities, centers, and colleges.

Scholarly Intersection Grant Awardees – Fall 2023

Bradley Cardozo (ASAM), Linda Maram (ASAM), Rigoberto Rodriguez (CHLS), “Larry Itliong Day Observance: Honoring Filipino Farmworkers’ Fight in the Delano Grape Strike and The Continuing Struggle for Social Justice By Filipinx Frontline Workers”

Ebony Utley (COMM, Not Alone at the Beach, & Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) Shelley Eriksen (HDEV/SOC, NATB) Courtney Ahrens (PSY, NATB) Wade Martin (ECON/IIE), “Behind the Screens: How to Help a Friend Experiencing Gender/Power-based Violence”

Sophea Seng (ASAM) Karen Quintiliani (ANTH), “Reckoning/Recording with the Archive: A Workshop and Reading with Sokunthary Svay”

Jeffrey Lawler (HIST) Sean Smith (HIST) Kathryn Chew (CWL) Brett Mizelle (HIST/AMST) Lori Baralt (WGSS), “Playing with Purpose: The Politics of Space in Video Games”

Azza Basarudin (WGSS, Global Middle East Studies Program) Yousef Baker (IST, Global Middle East Studies Program), “Geographies of Space and Place: Narratives of Displacement Survival and Resistance”

Alicia del Campo (RGRLL), José Miguel Palacios (FEA), Jayne Howell (ANTH), “50 Years after the Coup: Stories of Sorrow and Rebellion / A 50 años del golpe: historias de duelo y rebeldía”

Linda Maram (ASAM) Maythee Rojas (CHLS), “Asian American and Latinx Women Directors During the Silent Era of Film: A Presentation By, And Conversation With, Eve Oishi”

Steven Osuna (SOC) Preeti Sharma (AMST) May Lin (ASAM) Yousef Baker (IST), “Films for the People: Independent Filipinx Film Series”

Scholarly Intersection Grant Awardees – November 2023 thru May 2024

Aparna Nayak (RGRLL), Jeannette Acevedo-Rivera (RGRLL), Clorinda Donato (RGRLL), Nancy Hall (LING), “Translanguaging and Intercomprehension in Romance Language Classrooms”: Dr. Liliana Paredes and Dr. Sandra Valnes Quammen (Duke University)

Sophea Seng (ASAM), Crystal Lie (CWL), Coarseness: Voicing and Moving Diaspora in Cambodia

Courtney Ahrens (PSY, Not Alone at the Beach), Ebony Utley (COMM, NATB, Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Shelley Eriksen (HDEV, SOC, NATB), The promise and perils of digital interventions for sexual assault

Esa Syeed (SOC), Rajbir Singh Judge (HIST), Sabrina Alimohamed (SOC), Azza Basarudin (WGSS), Colonizing Kashmir: State-Building under Indian Occupation

May Ling Halim (PSY), Brenda Gutierrez (PSY), Maricela Correa (PSY), Sarvenaz Hatami (LING), Kristy Shih (HDEV), Social and Cultural Contexts Affecting Children’s Play, Language, and Literacy Development

Azza Basarudin (WGSS, Global Middle East Studies Program), Steven Rousso-Schindler (ANTH, GEMS), Yousef Baker (I/ST, GEMS), Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Meals: Rooftops as Spaces of Nurturance in Contemporary Egypt

May Lin (ASAM), Thomas Reed (AIS), Christopher Rosales (CHLS), Kelly Stewart (AIS), Imagining and Co-Creating Prosperous Futures in Ethnic Studies

F. Elizabeth Dahab (CWL), Rajbir Singh Judge (HIST), Jennifer Fleming (JPR), Writers of Extreme Situations: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Stacy Macias (WGSS), Shae Miller (SOC), Felicia Montes (CHLS), Telling Jotería Historias: Sequins, Sonic Memories, and Queer Brown Archives of Resistance and Desire

Kimberly Robertson (AIS), Linda Maram (ASAM), Maulana Karenga (AFRS), Rigoberto Rodriguez (CHLS), Foodways, Food Justice, and Food Sovereignty in Ethnic Studies (Panel and Food Tasting)

Maythee Rojas (CHLS), Linda Maram (ASAM), From Page to Film to Production: A Behind the Scenes Conversation, Featuring Screenwriter Davah Avena, Director Pablo Miralles and Film & TV Editor Augie Robles

Araceli Esparza (ENGL), Loretta Ramirez (CHLS), Anna Sandoval (CHLS), Rene H. Treviño (ENGL), Writer Myriam Gurba Reading and Facilitated Discussion

Jacqueline Lyon (CHLS), Bradley Cardozo (ASAM), Migrant Organizing in Long Beach

TJ Reed (AIS), Ann Tran (ASAM), Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Dance & Performance: Unity in Motion (A Lecture and Discussion with Minu Park and Undergraduate Dance Showcase)

Anna Sandoval (CHLS), Araceli Esparza (ENGL), Dennis López (ENGL), Kiki T. Shaver (ENGL and CHLS), Rene H. Treviño (ENGL), Loretta Ramirez (CHLS), Stacy Macias (WGSS), Christopher Rosales (CHLS), Helena María Viramontes Annual Lecture in Latina/o Literature featuring author Ana Castillo

TJ Reed (AIS), Marlene Nava Ramos (CHLS), Eva Bohler (AFRS), Ethnic Studies Film Screening at the Beach

Kristy Shih (HDEV), Caitlin Fouratt (I/ST), Varisa Patraporn (SOC, ASAM affiliate), Kavitha Koshy (South Asian Studies minor), The Opportunity Trap: High-Skilled Workers, Indian Families, and the Failure of the Dependent Visa Program

Felicia Montes (CHLS), Craig Stone (AIS), Traditions and Transitions: Culture, Community, and Consciousness with Alumni about Ethnic Studies and the Arts

Barbara LeMaster (ASLD), Wanette Reynolds (ASLD), Rezenet Moges-Riedel (ASLD), Wendy Klein (ANTH), ANTH (department), ASLD (program), LING (department), WGSS (department), Women’s Work: Employment Opportunities and Barriers of Deaf Women in America and the Republic of Ireland [** previously approved in 2019-2020 but postponed due to COVID]

Anna Bax (LING), Itxaso Rodríguez (LING), Adrià Martín-Mor (TRST), Kathryn J. Perkins (POSC and Legal Studies), Linguistic Marginalization of Spanish Speakers in California Child Welfare Courts

Dennis López (ENGL), Steven Osuna (SOC), Lecture by Dr. Raúl Pérez: “The Souls of White Jokes: How Racist Humor Fuels White Supremacy”

Brett Mizelle (AMST), Kate Flach (HIST), Lily House-Peters (GEOG), “A Different Trek: Queer and Feminist World-Building in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”

Robert Blankenship (RGRLL), Markus Müller (RGRLL), Nele Hempel-Lamer (RGRLL), Kate Flach (HIST), Mariya Mileva (ECON), John Scenters-Zapico (ENGL), Cory Wright (PHIL), German Without Borders: OER and the Future of Language-Learning Materials

Ali İğmen (HIST), HIST (department), ANTH (department), WGSS (department), “Nothing about us without us: Can we write Ourstory?”: A Teach-in and a Discussion Circle on Feminist Collaboration: A Grassroots Movement Experience of the Indigenous New Hampshire Collaborative Collective

Katherine McLoone (CWL), Kathryn Chew (CWL), José I. Rodríguez (COMM), Center for First Amendment Studies (Kevin Johnson), PHIL (department), AFRS (department), Intelligent Humans Discuss Artificial Intelligence: A Roundtable

Preeti Sharma (AMST), Darío Valles (CHLS), Lily House-Peters (GEOG), Robert Chlala (SOC), “Hot Labor Summer: What Now?”: A Panel Event on a Summer of Ongoing Strikes and Labor Activism

Preeti Sharma (AMST), Darío Valles (CHLS), Ulices Pina (HIST), Rajbir Singh Judge (HIST), Robert Chlala (SOC), ASAM (department), WGSS (pending), “Transnational Feminisms, Labor, and Caring Futures”: Speaker Series attached to Reading/Workshop Group with the CLA Initiative (pending)

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