Welcome to TAC

The Transgender Advocacy Coalition (TAC) is a group of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to trans education, resources, and advocacy on campus and in the broader community. Our founding members and primary organizers are Dr. Shae Miller (Sociology), Dr. Abraham Weil (Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies), and Dr. Kathryn Perkins (Political Science).

We established this coalition in 2020 to provide a central space for campus members to access information, resources, and guidance for fostering trans inclusive policies and practices on campus. In addition, we wanted to offer an easily accessible set of educational and advocacy resources for our trans, nonbinary, and intersex community members.

Please explore the resources on our site, reach out to us with questions and ideas, and keep an eye out for our new training and workshop (due to be completed in Summer 2022).

Last Updated 11/12/21 sdm