Faculty Publications – Winter Break 20/21

December 21, 2020

Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts actively publish in their respective fields. Their research, scholarly, and creative activities—showcased here—contribute meaningfully to their disciplines and enrich their teaching content and methods.  

Featured Academic Areas – Winter Break 20/21

ASL Linguistics and Deaf Cultures Program

LeMaster, Barbara. “‘Theresa! Don’t pull her hair! You’ll hurt her!”: Peer intervention and embodiment in US preschools.” Linguistics and Education 59 (2020): 100743.


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—. Momentous Inconclusions: The Life and Work of Larry Eigner, co-edited with Jennifer Bartlett. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2020.
—. Finding the Weight of Things: Larry Eigner’s Ecrippoetics. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, forthcoming 2021.

Hultgren, Neil. “Arthur Machen’s Infinite Paragraph: Narrative Style and the Weird,” Studies in Walter Pater and Aestheticism 4 (Summer 2019): 87-109.

Friedman, Dustin and Neil Hultgren. “Decadence and the Weird: Introduction,” Studies in Walter Pater and Aestheticism 4 (Summer 2019): 35-44.

Margrave, Clint. “Middle Age Slam Pit” (Forthcoming in Without a Doubt Anthology, NYQ Books).
—. “A Supermarket in California” Another Chicago Magazine (Dispatches from the Pandemic).
—. “Visitor” and “Call to Prayer” (Forthcoming) New York Quarterly.
—. Visitor (forthcoming poetry collection) NYQ Books, 2021.
—. Lying Bastard (a novel), Run Amok Books, 2020.
—. “The Meta-metamorphosis,” Rattle Magazine, 2020.
—. “Death and the Miser,” Slipstream Fall 2019.
—. “Doctor  Zhivago.” “Parts Unknown.” The American Journal of Poetry. Summer issue, 2019.
—. “The Humming.” Journal of Compressed Arts, 2019.
—. “Once I Shared a Wall with God,” Threepenny Review, 2019.
—. “When Death Travels,” Rattle Magazine, 2019.
—. “Wood Carving Lesson.” Rust + Moth, Summer Issue 2019.

Mohr, Bill. “The Aging Comedian as Letter N” – This 20 minute comic monologue, which was revised and recorded during my sabbatical in the Fall, 2018, was posted on Magra Radio, an on-line radio outlet directed by Paul Vangelisti, in May, 2019. It has subsequently been revised and re-recorded. https://www.magrabooks.com/radio/2019/3/31/episode-6-the-comedian-by-bill-mohr 
—. INTERLIQ (The International Literary Quarterly. Special Issue: California Poets, edited by David Garyan. Four Poems: “The Predicament”; “Turn Lane”; “Breaking Camp”; “Morning Wood.” Four Poems: “The Predicament”; “Turn Lane”; “Breaking Camp”; “Morning Wood.”   http://www.interlitq.org/californiafeature1/index.php 
—. Poetic Diversity: the Poetry Zine of Los Angeles – POEM: “August Days, Autumn Nights” (November 2019, vol. 16, No. 2. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the editor, Marie Lecrivain. 
—. Blue Collar Review: Journal of Progressive Working Class Literature. Edited by Al Markowitz; Norfolk, Virginia. “Naming the Bridge.” Summer 2020. Poem chosen as one of nine poems from the issue featured on its online site: http://www.angelfire.com/va/bcr/
—. “Honorable Discharge: ‘I Want My Life Back’ “. Ten minute prose monologue and poem recorded by Victory Theater in Burbank, California for its “Backstory” series of presentations on the theme night of “The Ten Commandments.” Originally broadcast on April 26, 2020.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Q1BSk81MRmU1WA4BshnqA 
—. Hummingbird: Magazine of the Short Poem. (Madison, Wisconsin) Edited by C.X. Dillhunt. Volume XXX, No. 2 (2020). “Quarantine Aquarium.”  
—. Making Up: Poems of Beauty, Reconciliation, & Invention. Edited by Shannon Phillips. Picture Show Press, 2020. POEM. “Not Your Average Absentee Landlord.” 
 —. “Teaching Venice West, Lawrence Lipton, and California’s Literary Canon.” The Beats: A Teaching Companion, edited by Nancy Grace. South Carolina: Clemson University Press, forthcoming publication in February, 2021.  

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(Spring 2020), pp. 278-80.

Zepeda, Ray. Can This Wolf Survive? Angels Flight Books, 2020.


Ban, H. (forthcoming). Chapter 7: Existing Databases for Global Coastal Feature Names. In H.-H. Sung (Ed.), Final report for 2020 Standardization of Marine Geographical Names and Promoting Awareness, prepared for Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency. Republic of Korea: Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

Ban, H. & Ahlqvist, O. (2020). Geographical Counterpoint to Choreographic Information based on Approaches in GIScience and Visualization. International Journal of Geospatial and Environmental Research, 7(3), Article 4. https://dc.uwm.edu/ijger/vol7/iss3/4 

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Hytrek, Gary. 2019. “Space, Power, and Justice: The Politics of Building an Urban Justice Movement, Long Beach, California, USA.” Urban Geography. 41(5): 736–59.

Temblador, Andres,* Gary Hytrek, Sheyla Diaz,** Adriana Ochoa,** Taylor Karp,** Eduardo Vaca,** and Vanndearlyn Vong.** 2020. Best Start Central Long Beach Participatory Budgeting Process 2020 Report.Evaluation prepared for the Nonprofit Partnership. Long Beach. July. *CSULB graduate student; **CSULB undergraduate students.

Laris, P., 2020. On the Problems and Promises of Savanna Fire Regime Change. Commentary on “Emissions mitigation opportunities for savanna countries from early dry season fire management” Lipsett-Moore et al. Nature Communications (In Press).

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Winslow, S., Creer, K., and Laris, P. 2020. Leveraging UAS Imagery and GEOBIA for Effective Land Management. CSU Geospatial Review (in press).

Political Science

Cabrera Rasmussen, A. (2019) Latinos and health policy. In I. Stavans (Ed.), The Oxford Bibliographies in Latino Studies. New York: Oxford University Press. 

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Cantor, Douglas and Ellen Dannin. “Whetting Their Appetites: Privatization Schemes and the Case of Water.” Private Metropolis: The Eclipse of Local Democratic GovernanceUniversity of Minnesota Press. 2021. 

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—. Teaching Marx and Critical Theory in the 21st Century, co-edited with Bryant Sculos. Brill Publishing, 2019.
—. “Ending Austrian Silence.”  Review of Claudia Leeb’s The Politics of Repressed Guilt: The Tragedy of Austrian Silence” (Edinburgh University Press, 2018). Published in Philosophy in Review, Volume 40, Issue 2, May 2020, 67-69.
—. “‘The Known Footsteps of my Mother:’ The Power of the Abyss in Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels.”  Published in theory&event, Volume 23, Number 3, July 2020, 641-663.
—. Slow Food and the American Dream. Forthcoming. Under contract with Lexington Books, to appear in 2021.

Mahoney, Charles W. “Acquire or Expire: Publicly Traded Defense Contractors, Financial Markets, and Consolidation in the U.S. Defense Industry.” Defense and Peace Economics (2019).
—.“United States Defense Contractors and the Future of Military Operations.” Defense & Security Analysis (2020).

Weizer, King, Ringel, Conway, Sommerman, and Craig Hall’s How to Please the Court: A Moot Court Handbook – 9781642426670 – West Academic.

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—.“Possibilities for Civic Virtue and Sentiments of Citizenship among Christians in Mainland China,” in Chan Shun Hing, ed., Citizens of Two Kingdoms: Civil Society and Christian Religion in Greater China (Brill, forthcoming).

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