The 46th Annual Comparative Literature Conference (Day 1): “The Comic Spirit in the Modern Age”

April 11, 2011

All are welcome to attend the 46th Annual Comparative Literature Conference, which will be held in the Karl Anatol Center on Wednesday, April 13th and Thursday, April 14th.

Host: Department of Comparative World Literature and Classics

Day 1: Wednesday, April 13th

11:00 am         Session #1: Subversive Humor, Humorous Subversions

Moderated by Devin O’Neill

–“Whistling Past the Graveyard: Feminist Discourse and Gallows Humor”

Autumn Furnish, San Jose State University

–“Intrinsic Violence of Laughter”

Trevor Fehrman, SFSU

–“Faulkner’s Perverse Joke: A Rose For Emily”

Boak Ferris, CSULB


12:30 pm        Session #2: Deciphering Cultural Comedy

Moderated by Katie McLoone, CSULB

–“Laughter in Confinement: Joie de Vivre, Blackness and Violence”

Kara Hunt, UC Irvine

–“Ask a Mexican”

Alexandra Jaffe, CSULB

–“L’Humoriste: King of Québec’s Pop Culture”

Jean-Jacques Jura, CSULB


2:00 pm          Plenary Speaker: Judy Carter’s “Find Your Funny”

Introduction by Omar Zahzah, CSULB


4:00 pm          Performance #1: Interrobang, UCSD

Introduction by Devin O’Neill, CSULB


5:00 pm          Session # 3: Spreading Laughter One Toga at a Time: Ancient and Modern Satire

Moderated by Kathryn Chew, CSULB

–“Born From Laughter: The Inhabitants of The Satirical Dimension”

Sarah McGinnis, CSULB

–“‘I’ve been looking for a girl like you’: Groucho Marx and Juvenal On Women”

Kevin Call, CSULB

–“Answering Authority: Dialogues of Extraordinary Leaders Through The Eyes of The

Common Man”

Reanna Galindo, CSULB

–“Finding The Funny In Food”

Edgar Martinez, CSULB

–“Juvenal, Comedy and Women: Oh, My! ”

Alexandra Kane, CSULB

–“From Aristophanes to SNL: The Satire of Politics”

Erin Yarborough, CSULB

–“Coactae Imperio Sexus: From Juvenal To The Juvenile (“Family Guy”) ”

Irene Chaiharnswadi, CSULB

–“Viras Feminosque Invertens: Sex and Sensibility”

Zachary Vaccaro, CSULB

The conference program is available on the Department of Comparative World Literature and  Classics website: