September 6, 2022

The Benjamin R. Stockton endowed Scholarship is one of the newer scholarships created for the Political Science department at CSULB (California State University Long Beach). The Scholarship was started last year, being gifted to two students. The scholarship was created by Benjamin ‘Randy’ R. Stockton to help support middle-class students in their academic pursuits. He wanted students to be able to worry less about money and be able to focus their energy on their degree as he believes the next generation of Political Science students will be the ones to change some of the political and economic problems of today’s society. The scholarship is intended for Junior and Senior students majoring in Political Science and can show they are both in good academic standing and have a financial need. Recipients of the award can earn up to $4,500 and the deadline to apply is in March.

Hamidna Figueroa-OrozcoTwo students received the scholarship in 2022 and have gone on to do amazing work since. The first student is Hamidna Figueroa-Orozco, a 27-year-old CSULB student in her junior year. She is a Political Science major with a concentration in Law, Policy, and Politics, and a minor in Chicanx/Latinx studies. Figueroa-Orozco is a first-generation college student and parent. She says, “The scholarship has already covered unforeseen expenses and will continue to allow me to fully concentrate on my education.” Since receiving the scholarship, Figueroa-Orozco has become the Co-Vice President of the Political Science Student Association and has become the Facebook Manager for the Political Science Department. She thanks Stockton for believing in students like herself and says the scholarship “will help me show my son that with hard work and consistency we can achieve our goals.”

Eduardo Orlando Arredondo LopezThe second recipient was Eduardo Orlando Arredondo Lopez. He is also a Political Science major with a concentration in Law, Policy, and Politics. In addition to this, he is earning his Urban Studies certificate through the Geography Department. Lopez is a first-generation college student and before coming to CSULB, he earned his Associate degree in Liberal Arts from El Camino college, graduating with honors. Lopez is a full-time student and works a part-time job, but he did not have enough money or time to cover all his college expenses. He says that “[I]t is truly an honor being the first recipient of this award and knowing many more students like us will benefit from this opportunity for the next several decades and more.” Lopez has become a board member of the Political Science Student Association this year and he is working in the Association to “create a community within the Political Science Department and provide students a safe space where they can express their opinions.”

Both Eduardo Orlando Arredondo Lopez and Hamidna Figueroa-Orozco are amazing students and CSULB is proud to have them as part of our community. Stockton worked with the CLA Development department to make this scholarship happen and it is work like this, from generous donors that believe in students, that helps create a better community where students can focus on their academic pursuits.