The Department of Geography's Fall 2011 Speaker Series: Professor Laura Pulido's "Towards a Popular Geography–A People's Guide to LA"

August 30, 2011

The Department of Geography presents Dr. Laura Pulido, who teaches in the Department of American Studies, Ethnicity and Geography at the University of Southern California.

“A People’s Guide to LA” is an effort to make the insights of geography, history, and ethnic studies available and accessible to a larger public. The Guide documents sites of racial, class, gender, and environmental struggle in LA County’s history and landscape, and it acts an alternative tour book that seeks to reveal how all landscapes result from power dynamics. In addition to discussing the Guide as a popular education tool, Dr. Pulido will discuss its evolution, political objectives, methods, and visual/design elements.

This is a wonderful opportunity to hear about a local social justice project. All are welcome!

For more information or to RSVP for a class or large group, please contact Maggie Muñoz of the Department of Geography at 562-985-4977 or