The George L. Graziadio Center for Italian Studies Hosts The First Annual Frank De Santis Lecture Series

April 7, 2011

Frank De Santis (left) and Anthony J. Tamburri, PhD. (right)

The George L. Graziadio Center for Italian Studies hosted The First Annual Frank De Santis Lecture Series at CSULB’s Karl Anatol Center on March 23, 2011. Anthony J. Tamburri, PhD. presented a lecture entitled “Re-Thinking Italian American Studies in the Third Millennium, Where Have We Been?  Where Can We Go?” in which he discussed experiences of Italian immigrants and their families. He explained that “the immigrant remains suspended between two worlds.” Dr. Tamburri is Dean of the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute of Queens College/CUNY and Professor of Italian and Italian-American Studies at the University of New York.

The lecture concluded with remarks from Honorable Nicola Faganello, Consul General of Italy, who was appreciative of the lecture and its impact on the Southern California community.  As an active representative for Italy in Southern California, Faganello participates in nearly every local Italian event. He congratulated Chairman Frank J. De Santis and Co-chairman Robert J. Barbera on the success of a first-of-its-kind lecture series in Southern California.

The Frank De Santis Lecture Series was inspired by Commendatore Frank J. De Santis, who sought to bring the Italian-American community together in an intellectual manner and, thus, provide students, educators, and the public with an opportunity to explore and better understand the Italian-American experience.  This lecture marks the inauguration of the Frank De Santis Lecture Series. The lecture series seeks to discuss what Italian Americana is to Italian-Americans as well as what it contributes to American culture.

The George L. Graziadio Center for Italian Studies, established in 1998, provides oversight of numerous academic activities at CSULB, including such academic activities as administration of classes, publication of a scholarly journal and newsletter, and coordination of lectures, seminars, and conferences in the area of Italian Studies. As a result of the Center’s diverse activities, students acquire a broad understanding of Italian culture and the extent to which this vibrant culture impacts the world.