Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies: 3rd annual conference of the Senior Capstone students

December 15, 2010

Students present on topics of their choice to produce interesting and innovative research and analysis. All members of the university community are welcome.

8:45-9:45 Gendering Violence, Gendering Disaster, Gendering Media

Kellisa Myers: Whose Stories are These, Really? A Feminist Critique on the Politics of Female Representation on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Yeraldy Hurtado: Contributions to Domestic Violence in Immigrant Latino Communities
Jennifer Martinez: Advertising Gender
Erica LaRue: Gender in the Sports World
Cory Winther: Hurricane Katrina: A Natural and Social Disaster

9:45 Break

10-10:45 Consumerism, Capitalism, Women’s Work, Women’s Bodies

Antonella Aiello: Consumer Feminism and Plastic Surgery as a Mode to Female Liberation: Comparing 1920s and Today
Cassy Schroeder: In Celebration and Critique of Network Marketing: A Feminist Perspective
Alex Karaman: Feeding the World: Women, Property, and Agriculture in the Global South
Andrew Jenkins: Reproduction, Biopolitics and the Securitization of the Womb

10:45 Break

11-11:45 Seeing, Believing and Becoming Hetero/Homo/Butch/Queer

Denise Zepeda: Queering Selena Through Chicana Feminisms, Sexualities, and Histories
Jamie Sumague: Strike a Pose
Brenda Carrillo: Drag Kings and Drag Queens: Subversive Educators and Protesters
Cyrus Fernandez: Straight out of Nowhere: Heterosexuality History in Post-War US