Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies Students may only pursue the certificate program in combination with a CSULB degree program.

The program consists of 21 units selected in consultation with the program advisor in addition to four semesters (or equivalent) of foreign language study. The 21 units include 9 units of core classes in History, Literature, and Art History; 9 electives from at least two departments of study (departments may be the same as those for core classes); and 3 units of independent study.


  1. A bachelor’s degree with an approved major. Certificate may be completed prior to the completion of the B.A. requirement or while in the process of working toward an advanced degree.
  2. Consultation and approval of the program with a faculty advisor.
  3. Equivalent courses may be accepted in areas A, B, and C by the faculty advisor in consultation with the program director(s).
  4. Four semesters (six quarters) of appropriate foreign language study (or equivalent competence as determined by qualified CSULB faculty).

* Up to 6 units of study may be fulfilled with lower-division courses with the approval of the faculty advisor in consultation with the program director(s).‚Äč

Please see the CSULB University Catalog for lists of Required Core, Elective, and Independent Study courses.