Multiple Internship Positions

College of Liberal Arts Social Media Internship Description

College of Liberal Arts Development Internship Description

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Multiple Internship Positions

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South Africa Semester Abroad

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#BeachWrites Outreach Intern

Spring 2024 Outreach Internship Description

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Orange County Asian & Pacific Islander Community Alliance Internship

OCAPICA (Orange County Asian & Pacific Islander Community Alliance) is looking for College Interns to be a part of two of their youth programs this Spring Semester, LUNA – a Youth Suicide Prevention Program, and ROOTED – a Youth Leadership and Development Fellowship. Please read below for the program description and intern role. Students can apply to be an intern under either program. Placement will be decided after the interview!

1. Youth Leadership & Development Fellowship

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2. LUNA Youth Suicide Prevention Program Internship:LUNA OCAPICA’s Youth Suicide Prevention Media & Outreach Program that aims to spread suicide prevention awareness to junior high and high school students in Anaheim Union School. Interns will work with students and Program Coordinators to develop social/ethnic media campaign related to suicide prevention, and access to school and community mental health services and resources, implement youth leadership-development activities, train youth on mental health topics, wellness, peer support, mentoring, and campaign messaging, and more! We are looking for interns to help at both the junior high and high school level. If you have a preference, please let us know! If not, we will assume you are okay with either school level.Required Availability:Times will vary based on the grade level and school. Most sessions are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3-5PM (Junior High School) and 4-6PM (High School) at various school sites in Anaheim with additional youth program events occurring throughout the semester. A detailed schedule will be shared during the interview process. Attendance at ALL events is not mandatory as we can work with your schedule, but attendance at most events is required.Minimum Qualifications:  *   Bilingual in Spanish (If you are not bilingual, still apply!)  *   Transportation to and from program events/sessions (Program workshops and events will be located at multiple schools in Anaheim)  *   Ability to work hybrid (in-person and remotely)  *   Background clearance required  *   Intern for the Winter/Spring quarter or Spring semester (Jan-Mar or Jan-May)Please send your resumes to this contact:Emily Park, Program Coordinator:

Creative Pop Culture Marketing Agency Internship

Creative Pop Culture Marketing Agency Internship

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