CLA Internship Program

The CLA Internship Program is a career development service that provides resources and personalized internship support for Liberal Arts students.

We help students navigate the internship search and application process as well as internship course enrollment. Students intern in a broad array of government, business, media, and community organizations. Student interns can earn academic credit, gain practical experience, and develop professional skills relevant to their future career through partnerships with various organizations and community agencies. Partnerships with organizations offer students and community partners an opportunity to forge mutually beneficial relationships.

Student Interns Gain

Industry Specific Skills Professional Development Networking Opportunities A Jump Start to Future Careers

Hear From Student Interns

“I hoped this internship would prepare me for a full time career in development, and thankfully I landed a full time job as the Development Coordinator at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.”- Brooke Larson, CLA Development Intern

“Internships are the best way to get familiar with a specific field all while gaining experience. Companies love to see internships!”
Liz Sanchez, Mesa Water District Intern

Internships are a beneficial experience and it reveals a lot about your working style. Interact and build relationships!
Molina Ngov, Khmer Girls in Action Intern