Our Students

Our Students

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Graduate study leading to the Master of Arts in English at California State University, Long Beach is marked by engaged students, small classes, and a committed faculty. Our program is designed to broaden and deepen students’ understanding of the intellectual, cultural, and aesthetic traditions of British literature, American literature, and rhetoric and composition.

Students in our program develop advanced skills in critical reading, writing, and thinking as well as in scholarly research. Students may include courses on English instruction as well as professional writing in their approved programs.

The program meets the needs of students who seek any of the following:

• careers in teaching English, including literature and rhetoric and composition, often at the community college level;
• preparation for further graduate study leading to the PhD in English;
• a broad background of humanistic studies, along with critical reading, writing, and thinking skills, as training for careers in many other professions such as entertainment, law, protective services, social services, business, management, administration, healthcare, transportation, sales, design, etc.; and
• personal satisfaction and depth of learning apart from immediate vocational considerations.