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Eighteenth-Century Book Reviews Online provides reviews of books published on all aspects of the “long” eighteenth century, both in the United States and abroad. Reviews are commissioned by EBRO editors Clorinda Donato and Norbert Schürer at California State University, Long Beach, where the site is housed. Eighteenth-Century Book Reviews Online does not accept unsolicited reviews but is glad to consider proposals by scholars who wish to review a particular title. Prospective reviewers may contact the editors with a book review proposal by filling out the form under the “Propose To Review A Book” link on the navigation bar to the left. Please fill in the form with the requested information. You will be contacted by the EBRO editors or editorial assistants about the status of your proposal within 14 days. The editors may also solicit reviews for specific books from scholars directly. For any additional inquiries, please write to ebro@csulb.edu.

EBRO has been publishing electronic book reviews since 1995 when a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation provided funds for the start up of this site. The site is currently maintained and supported by California State University, Long Beach. It is sponsored by the CSULB College of Liberal Arts and the Department of Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures.
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Professor Clorinda Donato
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