Graduate Student Spotlight: Destiny Gough (Psychology, Option in Human Factors)

Why did you chose to attend graduate school at CSULB? 

I chose to attend CSULB because humanity has always tied its story to the wonders of space. I want to expand upon that story by accounting for the human element in aerospace designs and procedures. CSULB was the perfect university for me to achieve this goal. Through the CHAAT LAB and it’s partnership with NASA, I am able to gain hands-on experience. Additionally, my classes help expand my skillset while being able immerse myself in research with dedicated faculty.


What is your favorite aspect of being a graduate student at CSULB? 

My favorite aspect of being a graduate student is participating in research. I find the creation of new knowledge to be challenging and rewarding. Being a researcher tests the boundaries of what is possible in the most creative ways, which opens you up to new ideas, people, and connections that you would have never thought possible.


What advise do you have for future graduate students? 

Be humble. Coming into this program will be rough and you may doubt yourself. Lean into the process of becoming a graduate student. Nobody has it all together during their first year as a Master’s student. Be sure to support each other and don’t be afraid to ask for help from faculty, staff, advising, or mental health services. While everyone else around you may seem like they have it all together and seemingly set the gold standard of your cohort: remember this journey is your own. It involves self-discovery, discipline, disappointment, joy, triumph, etc. Be humble enough to know that you have a lot to learn and nothing is ever beneath you. Be kind to your cohort members—speak to each other with dignity. No one is anyone’s tool to get ahead. We are a team, not competitors. Thirdly, my biggest piece of advice is to have fun. Explore CSULB, make memories to last a lifetime, go roller skating at the beach—whatever you do, just have fun. Lastly—and most importantly—finish your thesis/project in the allotted time.