Ashley Alonzo (Class of 2014) – Chontachaka Ecological Reserve in Peru



Ashley Alonzo

Organization: Chontachaka Ecological Reserve in Peru


Degree: Environmental Science and Policy, B.A. (Class of 2014)


Ashley Alonzo worked for a reforestation project in the Manu National Park located in the Peruvian Amazon. Here, she participated in linear transecting, helping clear the area of invasive species— mostly bamboo— to plant tree saplings.

Having long wanted to go abroad, Ashley received both the benefits of travel but also a unique opportunity to apply her knowledge from ESP courses in the field. “It was nice to apply my knowledge to what I was doing. I gave mini lectures to the tourists that came to the reserve and spoke about the importance of the reforestation project.”

“I fell in love with the culture itself and the people and how they see life. Especially people who live in the jungle. It wasn’t about money or anything. It was just about the plants.”