The College of Liberal Arts and many CLA departments provide students with the opportunity to earn course credit toward their degrees by working as interns in a broad array of government, business, media, and community organizations. These internship courses offer students and community partners an opportunity to forge mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Student interns develop professional skills and apply their liberal arts degrees to real world challenges, while exploring the realities of a potential future career. Check out this Political Science student’s internship with Mayor Garcetti.
  • Internship sites gain motivated and talented team members as they increase their pool of recruits for future full-time positions.
  • Faculty provide hands-on learning opportunities that help students connect the concepts learned in their courses to real world issues at their internship site.

CLA Internship Program 2019 Annual Report

Review the CLA Internship Program 2019 Annual Report to learn about the success of our students, how we provide professional development support to CLA faculty, and the partnerships we have cultivated with local organizations.

Classrooms to Careers: A Student Success Story

Megan Anaya and Robert Garcia

Megan Anaya and Robert Garcia

Senior Megan Anaya’s internship in Fall 2018 with Centro CHA has not only helped her solidify her career goals but was also central to the completion of the first ever Long  Beach Latino Economic Impact Analysis. As a research intern, Megan compiled an extensive employment database for use in mapping the extraordinary economic contributions made by Long Beach’s Latino Community. This is the first time the city has created an economic profile and examined economic impact for a specific ethnic group. Results of Megan’s analyses were presented at the Latino Economic Summit held in November 2018 and will be used by the city as a model for examining the impact of other ethnic groups. Read more . . .




Watch these videos to learn about the value of internships and how to find one.

Why Intern?

How to Find an Internship

The CLA Career Readiness & Internship Programs Specialist

  • Provides one-on-one internship and career coaching for CLA students
  • Coordinates Career Readiness and Professional Development events and activities for CLA students
  • Communicates and establishes internship partnerships with local and regional organizations

Michelle Chang
CLA Dean’s Office




Students are able to make an appointment with the Career Readiness and Internship Programs Specialist by contacting or online through SSC-Advising and Tutoring.