San Bolkan, Ph.D.

San-BolkanSan Bolkan, Ph.D.

Professor of Communication Studies
Area of expertise:  Applied Communication
Office: AS-350

Curriculum Vitae

What are your Research interests?

My research interests are in applied communication. Specifically, I study instructional communication and business communication. My body of work focuses mainly on the former and includes areas of study such as transformational leadership in the classroom, instructor clarity, student motivation, and students’ self-control as these concepts apply to academic success.

What are your Teaching interests?

Generally, I teach communication theory, quantitative research methods, bargaining and negotiation, and instructional communication.

What courses have you taught?

Courses I have taught include: (1) Advanced Interpersonal Communication (2) Communication Theory (3) Public Speaking (4) Communication in Multi-National Organizations (5) Research Methods in Communication (6) Communication in Bargaining and Negotiation (7) Business and Professional Communication (8) Quantitative Research Methods (Graduate) (9) Instructional Communication (Graduate) (10) Communication Training and Development in Organizations (11) Corporate Communication (12) Interpersonal Communication

How do you serve the department and the university and the community?

Currently, I am slated as a faculty development fellow for the year 2016. My role in this position is to help disseminate information to faculty related to best teaching practices. In addition, I am currently working as a data fellow. In this position I work to help the university understand and develop best practices to promote student retention and on-time graduation.