Accessibility Evaluation Services

Experienced Accessibility Evaluators Review Your Website

Websites are evaluated by a minimum of 2 reviewers possessing expertise in and experience with the following:

Methods for Evaluating Accessibility

Conformance evaluation of web accessibility requires both the application of semi-automated tools and manual assessment by experienced reviewers. The review process is based on the W3C’s Conformance Evaluation method and includes reviewing samples of every type of representative page the site has to offer.

Pages are reviewed manually and with accessibility testing tools, both assistive and non-assistive technologies (for example, an evaluator walks through user tasks using only NVDA and the keyboard).

Sites are tested for Section 508 Compliance and WCAG Conformance Level “AAA” (i.e., to see whether all Priority 1, 2, and 3 checkpoints have been satisfied). Additional information on the evaluation process is available at the Web Accessibility Initiative site (a branch of the World Wide Web Consortium) at: Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility.

Software Tools Used in Our Accessibility Evaluations (all links are to external sites):

Accessibility Evaluation Training

CUDA provides free accessibility evaluation training materials and tutorials for evaluating eTextboooks using both assistive and non-assistive technologies. The tutorials cover evaluation of eTextbooks in HTML, PDF, and EPUB formats. Click here to access the accessibility evaluation training materials and tutorials used by CUDA.