“The CSULB LTC training was excellent! I especially liked the 1 hour time frame and the cultural learning applied. Also, I liked the very advanced reading and listening exercises. The course afforded me the capability to score a 3 (in listening) for the first time on my DLPT after taking the DLPT for over 20 years! I would like to continue taking this course, especially with the exceptional instructor… who designed the successful advanced curriculum.”

“(The instructor) was exactly what I needed. (They) understood my proficiency level in 10 minutes and tailored (their) mentorship to enhance my specific deficits. It was a PLEASURE to consult with (them) every week and I hope to have an opportunity to work with (them) again!”

“This course, along with all of the people in the program, has become something I look forward to every year.”

“After not using (language) for 3 years, I came back to a 2/2 level.”

“Best (language) instructor I have had in my 3 years of studying (language).”

“Also impressive for the assistant to come to the course every day during part of his summer. He was a tremendous asset for learning the target language.”

“I’ve grown in contextual understanding of the language. I now can take from the rest of a passage and determine the meaning of words that I didn’t know prior to reading/listening to that particular passage.”

“The roundtable discussions and movies we watched helped to show the cultural nuances of the language.”

“I think I surpassed here even the level I had when I left (country name).”

“The course should remain a summer intensive, immersive experience. The format is why I chose this course, which was excellent.”

“Getting time to step away from daily life in order to focus on (language) was essential to my success as well.”

“Another great course. With (professors name) help, I was able to score a 3/3 for the first time.”

“This course was exactly what I needed… This class raised my last DLPT (5 years ago) from 1 to a 2. I think I could have easily gotten a 2+ with a few more days.”

“Compared to where I was when it started, it was a big improvement. I believe my language is back to where I was when I graduated from DLI, or close to it.”

“(Professor’s name) is a great instructor – he knows what the students need and he is flexible enough to adapt to our learning needs.”