PDF (Non-Assistive Technologies)

Below you will find video tutorials for completing accessibility evaluations of eTextbooks in PDF format using Non-Assistive Technologies (NAT).  Click here to view the PDF NAT Manual as a PDF

Note: Closed captions coming soon.


Getting Started


Software Requirements, Checkpoints 1 and 2: Accessibility Documentation and Text Access


Checkpoint 3: Text Adjustment


Checkpoints 4 and 5: Reading Layout and Reading Order


Checkpoints 6 and 7: Structural Markup Navigation (Text, Lists) and Tables


Checkpoint 8: Hyperlinks 


Checkpoint 9: Color and Contrast 


Checkpoints 10 and 11: Language and Images


Checkpoints 12 and 13: Multimedia (Text Track, Transcript and Assistive Player) and Flickering


Checkpoints 14 and 15: STEM (Markup and Notation) and Interactive Elements