APPLIED/PORTFOLIO TRACK – PSY 699 (Directed Research and Portfolio)

APPLIED/PORTFOLIO TRACK – PSY 699 (Directed Research and Portfolio)

The research and portfolio projects are considered the capstone of the MSIO Applied/Portfolio track. Students will gain research experience by working closely on a project with a Faculty Advisor in the Psychology Department, while simultaneously developing the required portfolio.

Research Project

The student is expected to gain knowledge of the research process through participating in developing, conducting, and/or analyzing research along with a Faculty Advisor in the Psychology Department.

The student will actively engage in a research project approved by the Advisor, which may be part of the faculty member’s research program, assessment or consulting work, or an independently proposed project of a student, lasting approximately one full work week (30-40 hours).

Professional, scientific writing skills will be acquired or improved through the production of a written summary of the research project using APA style or that designated by the Advisor. The paper length will be determined by the Advisor, but is expected to be approximately 10 double-spaced pages. This report may be in the form of a research proposal or a summary of a research project including major findings and study implications. Alternatively, a technical report or manual may be required for more applied projects.

Portfolio Project

The professional portfolio is intended to help the student prepare for competitive employment. It is expected to consist of at least four (4) program assignments/completed projects. Such projects may consist of Job Analysis, Test Construction, Organizational Psychology, or Training projects, as examples, as well as the final project developed for the Practicum in I/O Psychology course. Any combination of four or more projects, with the approval of the designated Portfolio Instructor, is acceptable. Each project must be accompanied with a brief (2 pages minimum) overview of the project and the general industrial/organizational concept accomplished, along with descriptions of when else the project might be applicable, and different options or versions that may be useful in the future. These will be archived phyisically in a large binder or portfolio case, or virtually if approved by the instructor, presented alongside a detailed Resume and cover letter.

The concept of a professional portfolio is to provide the MSIO graduate with a tangible, portable collection of examples of the individual’s expertise, with the intent to show it during job interviews or other such situations. Therefore, the student may choose to add the PSY 699 Research Project paper, but this will not count towards the minimum four projects. Further, as the portfolio is a collection of applied work demonstrating the range of an individual’s skills and abilities as a practitioner and competencies gained through graduate school, other visual examples of accomplishments, such as professional certificates, may be added as well (keeping in mind that confidential work products and other sensitive materials should be omitted).

Research Proposal and Portfolio Process

After the student has successfully Advanced to Candidacy and declared the Applied/Portfolio Track Option, a meeting with a faculty Advisor should be immediately scheduled to discuss possible research projects. During the Porftolio class (PSY 699) the projects to be included in the Portfolio will be decided along with how to present the portfolio. The Portfolio review committee will consist of the student’s Advisor, and at least two other members of the current members of the MSIO program committee. A current supervisor, with a Master’s degree or greater within the field, may replace one member of the Portfolio review committee.

Portfolio Review

The completed Portfolio is presented and reviewed by the entire Committee for completeness, presentation and professional standards. If the Portfolio is approved, the process is complete, and the Advisor reports the Portfolio project fulfilled to the Graduate Advisor. The Enrollment Services Office is then informed. Portfolios will most often be accepted with revisions, where Portfolios will be critiqued at the Portfolio presentation and returned for revisions and/or additions. Revised Portfolios are to be resubmitted within one calendar year of the original submission to the Program Chair (unless all committee members request to see revisions). Students cannot be cleared for graduation before all required coursework, forms, research project, and the Portfolio have been approved.