Graduate Programs

We currently have over 2000 undergraduate psychology majors and more than 100 graduate students. Many of our undergraduates aspire to graduate work and are admitted to graduate programs throughout the country. In fact, the department was ranked by the National Science Foundation as second in the nation (for schools in its category) in the number of students who went on to complete a Ph.D. program. Other students seek and find jobs in business and human service agencies which utilize their psychological skills. Just as faculty are active in research and service, numerous psychology majors assist in research and co-author papers which they present at conferences.

Master of Arts, Option in Psychological Research

Master of Science, Option in Human Factors

Master of Science, Option in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The Master’s of Arts in Psychological Research (MAPR) program is designed to provide foundational graduate education in the content areas and research of general psychology to prepare for a master’s-level career or entrance into a doctoral program. 

Capstone Project Options:

The MS in Psychology, Option in Human Factors, is designed to prepare students to apply research-focused human factors skills to the design of jobs, information systems, consumer products, workplaces, and equipment in order to improve user performance, safety, and comfort

Capstone Project Options:

The Master’s of Science in Industrial/Organizational (MSIO) Psychology program is a rigorous, 36-unit program designed to prepare students to enhance organizational performance and human well-being in professional settings.

Capstone Project Options: