The ultimate goal of scientific research in psychology is to illustrate behaviors and give details on why they take place. The Psychology department offers a variety of opportunities: 

  • The Subject Pool is the website where you sign up to be a participant in a variety of studies that students and faculty are conducting on campus. 
  • The Psychology Assessment Materials (PAM) office contains a library of psychological tests, questionnaires, and assessment kits for a variety of educational, research and clinical uses.  The materials range from simple paper-and-pencil scales to full IQ batteries.
  • The list of the faculty research areas allows students to know which faculty to connect with if they share the same interests. 
  • There are various research labs and facilities within the department: 
    1. The Center for Human Factors in Advanced Aeronautics Technologies (CHAAT) at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) is researching the impacts of future automated tools and new operating concepts on human operators in our National Airspace System (NAS). CHAAT researchers address a major bottleneck preventing expansion of our NAS: The human operator. 
    2. Center for Usability in Design and Accessibility (CUDA) is an official CSU Long Beach research and testing center that specializes in usability and accessibility. CUDA’s mission is to evaluate the usability and accessibility of its clients’ technology products before they make costly investments of time, money, or other resources.
    3. Stress, Technology, and Applied Research (STAR) Lab investigates human performance under stress and workload, and how such behavior patterns can inform the design of more effective technological systems. Research focuses on performance outcomes, self-report measures of cognitive and affective states, as well as cognitive neuroscience measures of psychophysiological functioning. An additional avenue of research is individual differences (specifically motivation) in human-technology interaction.

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