Psychology Assessment Materials

Psychology Assessment Materials

The Psychology Assessment Materials (PAM) office contains a library of psychological tests, questionnaires, and assessment kits for a variety of educational, research and clinical uses.  The materials range from simple paper-and-pencil scales to full IQ batteries.  Some of the materials are proprietary and can only be borrowed by faculty.  Others are available to students with faculty approval.

A list of hardcopy materials may be found here.  These require a written PAM Check-Out Form.  Other materials are in electronic form, and can be emailed directly to the requestor.  In either case, requests should be directed to Dr. Dave Whitney (

PAM provides copyrighted and often expensive tests to faculty and students at no charge.  Instructors who wish to use materials for a course should make a single request, and not require a class of students to retrieve materials themselves from PAM.  For more information, please consult the answers to FAQ.

May your assessment of the academic year prove to be in the top percentile!