Dr. Carole Campbell, Professor

Email: Carole.Campbell@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-128
Phone: (562) 985-4617
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Main Courses:

  • AIDS & Society, Social Problems, Sociology Internship Program

Research Interests:

  • Heterosexual AIDS Epidemic
  • Women and HIV/AIDS
  • Female Prostitution
  • Male and Female Gender Roles and Sexuality
  • Families & HIV/AIDS


  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 1984
  • M.A., Sociology, University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado, 1979, National Dean’s List
  • B.A., Sociology, University of Albuquerque, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1978, Summa Cum Laude

Selected publications on HIV/AIDS:

  • Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development, entry on “AIDS,” edited by D. Carr. Farmington Hills: Gale, 2008.
  • “AIDS and Society,” syllabus and assignment (with C.E. Foote-Ardah & M. Polgar), Teaching the Sociology of HIV/AIDS: 2004 ASA Workshop Handouts, in Teaching the Sociology of HIV/AIDS: Syllabi, Lectures, and Other Resources for Instructors and Students, 2006.
  • Author’s Own Reflections, Reading AIDS: “Women, Families, and HIV/AIDS,” in Body Positive. Vol. XV, No. 1 & 2, pp. 19-22, 2002.
  • Women, Families, & HIV/AIDS: A Sociological Perspective on the Epidemic in America. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999.
  • Encyclopedia of AIDS, A Social, Political, Cultural and Scientific Record of the Epidemic, edited by Ray Smith. Entries on “Sexism,” “Family Policy” and “Prostitution.” New York: Fitzroy Dearborn 1998; reprinted by Penguin, 2001.
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Professional Conferences & Workshops on HIV/AIDS:

  • “Stigma,” Los Angeles Women’s HIV/AIDS Task Force Treatment Summit, Los Angeles, December 2015.
  • “Women, Aging & HIV/AIDS: Issues in Prevention & Care,” session on “Intersections of Gender, Age & Sexuality in Contemporary Society,” presenter, California Sociological Association, Berkeley, CA, November 2009.
  • “HIV/AIDS and the Life Course: Implications for Prevention & Care,” session on “Sexualities and the Life Course,” organizer & presenter, California Sociological Association, Riverside, CA, November 2008.
  • “A Sociological Perspective on Today’s Woman,” conference on “Women Empowering Women: Together We Can,” CARE Program, Long Beach, CA, October 2008.
  • “Critical Race Theory and the Social Construction of the Down Low: Implications for HIVAIDS Risk and Prevention,” session on “Race, Gender, Bodies & Sexualitiy,” Western Social Science Association, Denver, CO, April 2008.
  • “Gender Roles and Racialized Sexualities of Female Prostitutes,” session on “Racial Inequalities and Prostitution,” California Sociological Association, Berkeley, CA, November 2007.
  • “Intersections of Gender, Race, Class and Sexual Identities of Men on The Down Low: Implications for HIV/AIDS Risk and Prevention,” session on “Homosexuality and Sexual Identities,” Southwestern Sociological Association, Albuquerque, NM, March 2007.
  • “Racialized Sexualities of Men on the Down Low: Implications for HIV/AIDS Risk and Prevention,” session on “Race and Sexualities,” organizer and presenter, California Sociological Association, Riverside, CA, November 2006.
  • “Media Framing and Representations of Men on the Down Low: Implications for HIV/AIDS Risk and Prevention,” session on “Negotiating Sexual Identities in the 21st Century,” Western Social Science Association, Phoenix, AZ, April 2006.
  • Panel on “Women, Girls, & HIV/AIDS” (moderator), sponsored by the Women’s Resource Center, Health Resource Center, and Asian American Drug Abuse Program, CSULB, March 14, 2006.
  • Workshop expert for session on “Economics and HIV Risk,” “Latinas, Sex and HIV/AIDS Summit, The Center for Latino Community Health, CSULB, December 1, 2005.
  • “Women and HIV/AIDS: Critical Issues in Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality,” session on “Intersections of Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality,” organizer and presenter, California Sociological Association, Sacramento, CA, November 2005.
  • “Gender Issues in HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care,” panel on “International Issues in HIV/AIDS,” International Education Week, sponsored by the Center for International Education, CSULB, November, 2004.
  • “Teaching about HIV & AIDS,” Teaching workshop, organizer, discussion leader & panel participant, American Sociological Association, San Francisco, CA, August 2004.
  • “The Resurgent AIDS Epidemic: Sociological Issues in Prevention and Care,” session on “Sociological Issues in AIDS Prevention and Care,” California Sociological Association, Berkeley, CA, November 2003.
  • “Issues in Prevention and Care for Families with HIV/AIDS,” session on “AIDS: A Family Affair,” sponsored by Sociologists’ AIDS Network, American Sociological Association, Atlanta, GA, August 2003.
  • Discussant, panel on “HIV/AIDS Issues for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities, Sociology Graduate Symposium, “Working Together: Academia and Activism, Case Studies in Community Centered Policy, University of Southern California, March 2003.
  • “Issues in AIDS Education and Prevention,” Men’s Central Jail, Los Angeles County, July 2001.
  • “Women and AIDS,” presentation with Ayo James, Long Beach Health Department; sponsored by the Sociology Student Association, CSULB, for College of Liberal Arts Week, 2000.
  • “Gender Issues in HIV Disclosure,” (poster presentation with Ayo James, Long Beach Health Department), Third Annual Investigators’ Meeting, Universitywide AIDS Research Program, University of California, San Francisco, CA, 2000.
  • “Women, Families, and HIV/AIDS,” Psychology Colloquia Series, CSULB, 2000.
  • “Women, HIV, and AIDS,” 1999 Annual AIDS Case Management Program/Medi-Cal Waiver Program (CMP/MCWP) Conference, Long Beach, CA, 1999.

Other Research & Consulting/Advising Involvements on HIV/AIDS:

  • Thesis Committee Member for Whitney Hynes, a student in the Master’s Program in Social & Cultural Analysis of Education, School of Education, CSULB. Thesis title: Art as Critical Queer Public Pedagogy: Reimaging the Role of Identity, Kinship and Resistance as a Response to the AIDS Crisis, 2011.
  • Consultant, Project on Vulnerable Population Project: Sex Workers, conducted by CSULB nursing students, Natalya Ptashinsky and Michelle Nguyen, 2010. The focus of the project was on health risks of street sex workers in Long Beach.
  • Member of Advisory Board, Project Choice, a CSULB HIV/AIDS and substance abuse prevention campaign and risk reduction program for students on campus, 2009-2010. A major focus of Project Choice was on risk reduction in the Latino community.
  • Moderator, panel discussion on HIV/AIDS Prevention on the CSULB campus, 2008. That panel, Global & Local AIDS Event, was sponsored by the Sociology Student Association and Alpha Kappa Delta.
  • Editorial Board, Journal of HIV/AIDS Prevention in Children & Youth, Haworth Press, 2005-2007.
  • Co-Principal Investigator, Needs Assessment Study of Women with HIV Disease in Long Beach, in collaboration with St. Mary’s Care Program and Harbor UCLA Medical Center, 2002-2003.
  • Co-Director for Study Design and Analysis Core, HIV Support Program, CSULB Center for Research and Behavioral Services, an emerging research center project funded by University of California’s AIDS Research Program, 2000.