Economics Student Celebration 2019-2020

On behalf of  all Department of Economics faculty and staff, we want to wish the Class of 2019 and 2020 congratulations! 

We would like to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of  the economics students below. Additional recognition will be given during the 2019-2020 Economics Student Celebration via Zoom on May 15, 2020.

Economic Student Association (ESA)

Fall 2020 ESA Officers

President: Timothy Nguyen
Vice President: Robyn Garces
Treasurer: Joseph Leas
Secretary: Jenny Benitez
PR: Traci Takigawa
CLASC Rep: Annika Seglehorst
Outreach: Lucia Rios

Spring 2020 ESA Officers

President: James Man
Vice President: Timothy Nguyen
Treasurer: Joseph Leas
Secretary: Robyn Garces
PR: Traci Takigawa
CLASC Rep: Jose Zinkewich
Outreach: Shirley Sanchez & Blake Hannagan

Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE)

2019 - 2020 Initiates

Robyn Ashley Cartagena Garces
Diana V Guzman Gonzalez
Tanner Francis Kane
Tien Nguyen

College of Liberal Arts Awardees

CLA Exceptional Students

Graduating seniors in Economics who have maintained an overall GPA of 3.75 or higher their entire CSULB career.

Marcos Celis, Business Economics BA
Nancy So Chung, Business Economics BA
Juliette Sophie Flaton, Business Economics BA
Dylan Matthew Gois, Business Economics BA
Justin Nguyen, Business Economics BA
Aubree Lauren Dodd ,Economics BA
James Chris Man, Economics BA
Sotiris Markitanis, Economics BA
Tien Nguyen, Economics BA
Jackson Edward Foss, Math Econ & Econ Theory BA
Blake S Hannagan, Math Econ & Econ Theory BA

Nominee for Outstanding Baccalaureate

Annika Segalhorst 

2020-2021 Economics Scholarships

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the Department awards $13,800 in Department Scholarships.

Jenny Benitez, Ray & Marge Lancaster Scholarship $2,500

Jireh Deng, Ray & Marge Lancaster Scholarship $2,500

Melissa Favorite, Powell Scholarship $1,500

Sung Joo Ahn, Powell Scholarship $1,500

Doris Woods, Gene R. Simonson Scholarship $1,200

Mateo Maya Gene R. Simonson Scholarship $1,200

Cristofer Lopez-Vargas, Settlemyer Family Scholarship $900
                                            Ray & Marge Lancaster Scholarship $300

Jacob Marines, Ray & Marge Lancaster Scholarship $1,100

Mawish Rahman, Ray & Marge Lancaster Scholarship $1,100

Department Awardees

Erin Ochikubo, J. Richard Powell Award of Merit
                             CLA Distinguished Graduate Honors

Tien Nguyen, Wallace Atherton Memorial Award
                          CLA Distinguished Undergraduate Majoring in Econ

Breena Li, CLA Distinguished Graduate Honors

Nicholas H. Roy, CLA Distinguished Undergraduate Majoring in Math Econ

Juliette S. Flaton, Outstanding Undergraduate Majoring in Bus Econ

Harold Avelino, Outstanding Undergraduate Majoring in Bus Econ

Diana Guzman Gonzalez, Outstanding Undergraduate Majoring in Econ

Blake Hannagan, Outstanding Undergraduate Majoring in Math Econ

Jackson Edward Foss, Outstanding Undergraduate Majoring in Math Econ