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Presentation Materials from December 9: Real Estate & Development
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Many thanks to our generous sponsors for making this event free and open to all those
interested in real estate development in Long Beach.


December 9, 2021 | 10:00am-12:00pm


  • Welcome (prerecorded)
    World-class real estate developers are taking bets on Long Beach, and those bets keep
    paying off as other in-the-know investors take note and put their money on Long Beach’s
  • Mayor Robert Garcia
    Who’s Shaping Long Beach’s Skyline (prerecorded)
    Corporate headquarters, big businesses and major developments attract more of the same,
    creating a real estate ecosystem that fuels itself and capitalizes on Long Beach being a
    unique investment opportunity on an urban waterfront. Recently completed projects, as
    well as an influx of corporate headquarters, are attracting exciting startups, allowing
    existing businesses to expand, and putting Long Beach on the map for more future
    development from big investors. We take a look at the visionary developers who took a big
    bet on Long Beach — and have seen it pay off.
  • Ryan Altoon, Anderson Pacific
  • Regional Economic Picture: Robert Kleinhenz, Ph.D. (Live)
    Cal State University, Long Beach economist Robert Kleinhenz will share valuable insight on
    the economic recovery in Long Beach and on the national level.
    Breaking Ground: What’s on the Horizon for Long Beach (prerecorded)
    Long Beach’s landscape is rapidly changing. There are more developments breaking ground
    now than we’ve seen in decades, and those developments are translating to more jobs and a
    higher quality of life for residents who are shaping the future of Long Beach.
  • Local Economic Picture: Seiji Steimetz, Ph.D. (live)
    Chair of the Cal State University, Long Beach Department of Economics, Seiji Steimetz, will
    discuss Long Beach’s economic picture, including employment data and how the real estate
    sector is creating new jobs and opportunities locally.
  • Business-Friendly Initiatives (pre-recorded)
    Long Beach leaders understand that local government can pave the way or block the road
    for new development. Because of that, Long Beach strives to be business friendly, and it has
    been recognized for its efforts to capitalize on attracting investors to this dynamic city.
  • John Keisler, Director of Economic Development
    Live Q&A with real estate experts, moderated by Long Beach Business Journal Editor Hayley
    Munguia to follow.
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