Mathematical Economics and Economic Theory Option B.A. + Economics M.A.

Mathematical Economics and Economic Theory B.A.+ Economics M.A.

Students enrolled in this Beach EDGE (Expedited Degrees in Graduate Education) program will complete the requirements for both the Mathematical Economics and Economic Theory B.A. and Economics M.A. offered by the Economics Department by double-counting ten units of three M.A. courses towards both degrees. The courses that can be double-counted towards both the Mathematical Economics and Economic Theory B.A. and Economics M.A. are ECON 510 – Advanced Microeconomics, ECON 585 – Econometrics I, and ECON 587 – Research Methods in Economics.

Advisor/ Staff Contacts 

Graduate Advisor: Mariya Mileva, Ph.D.
Office Location: SSPA – 343

For general questions please contact the department:
Location: SSPA – 361A
Phone: 562-985-5061

Lower Division Core:
ECON 100, ECON 101, MATH 122, MATH 123, MATH 224, MATH 247

Upper Division Core:
ECON 310, ECON 311, MATH 380, STAT 381

Upper Division Electives:
Take one of ECON 403/ECON 410/ECON 411/ECON 420/ECON 485. At least four additional upper-division courses in economics of which at least one Economics course must be taken at the 400 level. Students may take one course from the following to meet the elective requirement: MATH 364A/ MATH 485/STAT 410/ STAT 450. These will not substitute for the 400-level Economics course requirement. ECON 300, ECON 380, and ECON 499 may not be taken to meet the elective requirement. ECON 406 and ECON 495 may only be used as a 300-level course to satisfy the elective requirement. Up to three units of C/LA 492 may be used in place of a 300-level Economics course; C/LA 492 may not be used as a 400-level elective.

For more details refer to the catalog page of the BA in Mathematical Economics and Economic Theory.

Note: All courses used to satisfy the Math Econ and Econ Theory BA degree requirements must be taken for a letter grade.

After the first four years (2 semesters of participation in the Beach EDGE Program), students will have accumulated 120 units toward their BA. Ten of those units will be MA-Level courses that will count both toward their BA requirements of 120 units and the major required units.

Economic Theory courses with a grade of B or better:
ECON 510, ECON 511

Applied economics courses with a grade of C or better:
ECON 585, ECON 586, ECON 587, 500-level elective, 400-level economics elective

Field and seminar courses:
ECON 690, ECON 691, 600-level seminar

Pass a comprehensive exam:
The comprehensive exam requires students to submit a research paper from a 600-level seminar and orally defend this research to a committee of three faculty members. This exam will assess the student's proficiency in economic theory, ability to apply economic theory, and proficiency in economic research. The faculty committee will determine if the student has successfully passed the exam based on the quality of the research paper and oral defense according to guidelines established by the department.

Eligibility & Admissions