LGBTQIA+ History @ the Beach

This is a living archive of LGBTQIA+ events at California State University, Long Beach. The purpose of this timeline is to link current and future LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff to community across time, to show that others like us have been here before, to reinforce that we belong, and to remind us that we have a history of strength and resilience. In sum, this project is focused on community and empowerment.

The development of this timeline was started by Dr. Lauren Jensen, Licensed Psychologist within Counseling and Psychological Services. It is now hosted by the LGBTQIA+ Campus Climate Committee (LGBTQIA+ CCC) and is a work in progress. Special thanks to Nicole Torres, Department of Economics Specialist, for building a website to host this timeline, making it accessible to the public.

We invite community members to submit additions as well as corrections by contacting us.




    • Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer + Campus Climate (CLGBTIQ+CC), a subcommittee of the general Campus Climate Committee within Academic Senate, is retitled to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Aromantic + Campus Climate Committee (LGBTQIA+ CCC). 
    • LGBTQIA+CCC website
  • Cruising the capacious: A trans studies symposium
  • Girls Like Us: Exploring Trans Feminist Herstory
  • First in-person LGBTQIA+ Cultural Welcome event
  • Queers and Allies change their name to Queer Students’ Alliance
    • The rationale for the new name was to shift the language toward students who are queer rather than being labeled as “queers” and centering queer experiences.
  • Dr. Shae Miller launches Queer and Trans Faculty and Staff Affinity group (QTFSA)
    • An officially recognized Affinity Group at CSULB under the President’s Equity and Change Commission.
    • The mission of the Queer and Trans FSA (QTFSA) is to facilitate community-building, resource development, and advocacy for all faculty and staff members of our (a)gender, (a)sexual, and (a)romantic communities.
    • CSULB Faculty & Staff Affinity Groups


  • Student gain access to initiating hormone therapy on-campus
    • Fall 2021, CSULB Student Health Services begins to offer the possibility of initiating hormone therapy
  • Trans Advocacy & Empowerment
    • First trans specific registered student organization
    • Developed over the years through mentorship and support by Drs. Loretta LeMaster, Shae Miller, and Abraham Weil
    • First Co-President: Sky Na; First Secretary: Alfredo Heredia
    • Trans Empowerment & Advocacy Website
  • First campus housing construction that intentionally included all gender restrooms
  • Daily 49er coverage of LGBTQIA+ experiences


  • Daily 49er coverage of LGBTQIA+ experiences
  • First LGBTQIA+ Cultural Welcome Event
    • A virtual event to welcome LGBTQIA+ students new to campus as part of a week-long cultural welcome series.
    • Now institutionalized and occurs at the start of each semester.
    • Hosted by Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) within the Division of Student Affairs in collaboration with campus partners and student leaders.
  • Trans Advocacy Coalition (TAC)
    • TAC is founded by three faculty members with support from the CSULB President, Dr. Jane Close Conoley.
    • Founding members: Dr. Shae Miller (Sociology), Dr. Abraham Weil (WGSS), and Dr. Kathryn Perkins (Political Science)
    • Trans Advocacy Coalition (TAC) website
  • First meeting of Trans Empowerment & Advocacy
    • A virtual (bi-weekly) drop-in support space for all trans and gender nonconforming students. Not yet a registered student organization on campus.
    • Developed and hosted by:
      • Caleb Aparicio, Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Affairs, Associated Students Inc.
      • Jasper Chagolla, Student Assistant for the LGBTQ Resource Center
      • Mlou Aquino, student leader
      • Jackie, student leader




  • AB 1732 was passed
    • Starting March 1, 2017, this bill requires “all single-user toilet facilities in any business establishment, place of public accommodation, or government agency to be identified as all-gender toilet facilities, as specified.”
    • CA Assembly Bill No. 1732
  • Daily49er coverage of LGBTQIA+ experiences and campus events
  • Access to letters of support for surgery
    • Counseling and Psychological Services officially starts to provide letters of support for gender affirming surgeries.







  • Queer Studies minor
    • Passed by the Academic Senate on 9/20/12
  • SB-48 passed
    • This bill requires instruction in social sciences to include a study of the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans to the development of California and the United States.
    • Prohibits the State Board of Education and the governing board of any school district from adopting textbooks or other instructional materials that contain any matter that reflects adversely upon persons because of their gender or sexual orientation.
    • CA Senate Bill No. 48





  • LGBT Tenured and Tenure-Track faculty focus group
    • Drs. Kirstyn Chun and Neil Hultgren facilitated a Diversity Focus Group for self-identified LGBT Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty for the WASC report that was being written at that time.

Mid-late 2000s


  • Steven Spielberg, CSULB alum, donates money to fight Prop. 8
    • Spielberg helps fund Prop. 8 opposition, by John Canalis, Press-telegram, 2008-09-23
  • Robert Garcia, CSULB alum, organizes rally in Long Beach in opposition to Prop. 8
    • Prop. 8 rallies Long Beach, by John Canalis, Press-telegram, 2008-10-29
  • LGBT Task Force created
    • Ran from 2008 – 2013 with the goal of launching a queer studies minor and establishing a committed on LGBTQ campus climate
  • Associated Students, Inc. creates a position for Secretary for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual and Queer Affairs
  • The Daddy Machine, campus-community event, a musical about children with two moms
    • Nancy Martin, Ph.D. worked with Associated Students, Inc. and the CSULB LGBT Faculty and Staff Network to co-sponsor a campus-wide, community-involved presentation of “The Daddy Machine”
    • Book by Patricia Loughrey, Music and Lyrics by Rayme Sciaroni. Based on the book by Johnny Valentine.
  • Daily49er coverage of LGBTQIA+ experiences and campus events



  • Campus celebration of National Coming Out Day
  • First publication of an Outlist in the campus newspapers
  • World AIDS Day campus events (November 28-30)
  • CSULB participated in the national Day of Silence (April 26, 2006)
  • CSULB LGBT Resource Center officially became a part of Student Life and Development


  • First campus Safe Zone Training, created and hosted by CAPS psychologists


  • First Annual Long Beach Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
    • Hosted at CSULB in the USU small auditorium (June 18, 19, 20th 1996)
    • Later referred to as QFilms


  • CSULB LGBT Resource Center funded
    • Dr. Bob Maxson, President, provides limited operational funding for LGBT Resource Center


  • CSULB LGBT Resource Center receives funding for half-time student position
    • Granted by present Dr. Robert Maxson
    • Funding granted for half-time Student Coordinator Program Coordinator position not dependent on work-study program


  • Campus connection to Dr. Lester Brown, a gay/two-spirit American Indian
    • In the mid-1990s, American Indian Studies was chaired by Dr. Lester Brown, a gay/two-spirit American Indian.
    • Dr. Brown both held anonymous Native American HIV/AIDS support groups during the mid-1990s and he authored the book Two Spirit People: American Indian Lesbian Women and Gay Men (1999).
    • Through his mentorship, The Red Circle Project of the AIDS Project of Los Angeles formed as the first Native American HIV/AIDS program in Los Angeles formed in 2003.


  • CSULB Rho chapter of Delta Lambda Phi established
  • Queer Nation comes to campus
    • Dr. Michael Johnston, Psychologist at CSULB CAPS, recalls CSULB students being active in Queer Nation, a national activist organization
  • World AIDS Day commemorated (as early as December 1, 1990)
    • Dr. Jonathan O'Brien recalls speaking at a candle-light ceremony for this event

1990's – 2010's

  • Campus connection to two-spirit spokesperson Ben Lucero Wolf
    • Throughout the 1990s-2010s, two-spirit spokesperson Ben Lucero Wolf (Kiowa Nation of Oklahoma) was a male head dancer or dancer at local pow wows including the Puvungna (CSULB) annual Pow Wow. Mr. Wolf was commissioner of The Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission that includes Long Beach.


Opening of the CSULB LGBT Resource Center

  • Vince Nico was the first Student Program Coordinator (work-study position)
  • The first Faculty Advisors for the LGBT Resource Center were Dr. Michael Johnston (CAPS) & Dr. Patricia Rozee, (Psychology & WGSS)
  • Dr. June Cooper, Acting President of CSULB, establishes Faculty Office Building 4, room 165 as the location for LGBT Resource Center in 1988.


SAFE (Students for AIDS Facts & Education) founded

  • A student organization and peer education group that trained members to conduct class presentations, trainings, and campus tabling on AIDS/HIV and safer sex.

ACT UP comes to campus

  • Dr. Michael Johnston, CAPS Psychologist, recalls that CSULB students were active in ACT UP, a national activist organization.


Coming Out Day was observed as early as the mid-1980s

  • Jonathan O'Brien recalls that students used to wear Levi’s/jeans on that day and once paid for a surprise newspaper ad in the 49er that communicated something like: “Thank you for wearing jeans today to support LGB community!” in the spirit of the rebellious Queer Nation.

GLSU (Gay & Lesbian Student Union)

  • Held weekly meetings, had a dozen active members, and offered a full calendar of social events and community service.
  • A Speaker’s Bureau trained members as panelists to speak at many psychology and other courses at CSULB and local community colleges.
  • Jonathan O'Brien was the editor of the newsletter, Contrarywise.


  • GLSU (Gay & Lesbian Student Union) established
    • Rowland Kerr (Student Affairs staff) was the advisor for many years.

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