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Campus Centers

LGBTQ+ Resource Center

  • The LGBTQ+ Student Cultural Resource Center was established to serve the greater campus community by striving to create a safer and supportive environment for all LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff, as well as, the community members who identify as allies. The center hopes to advocate for and educate on topics related to homophobia, heterosexism, inclusive language, and other sexual and gender identity issues. The center's space can be used for group meetings, support programs, teach-ins, and other sexual and gender identity-related programs.
  • Location: FO4-165
  • Phone Number: 562-985-4585
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs Website

Rainbow Cafe:

  • An inclusive space in support of (a)sexual, (a)gender, and (a)romantic diversity
  • Mondays 3:30 - 5pm (weekly) | In- person: FO3 - Room 2 | Instagram: @csulb.rainbowcafe

Student Health Services (SHS)

Women's & Gender Equity Center

  • The mission of the Women's and Gender Equity Center (WGEC) is to inform and prepare the campus and larger community to foster an understanding of gender that is continually evolving in academia and society. Our responsibility is to promote gender equity affairs among individuals of diverse gender identities and expressions through an intentional educational approach rooted in social justice principles. Thereby advocating change for those affected by gender-based oppression.
  • Facebook: @CSULB.WGEC 
  • Instagram: @CSULB.WGEC
  • Twitter: @CSULBWGEC
  • Location: Student Success Center, Suite 240 (SSC-240)
  • Phone: 562/985-8576
  • Email:
  • Women's & Gender Equity Center Website

Office of Multicultural Affairs

  • The Office of Multicultural Affairs seeks to implement educational, cultural and social learning environments that help enrich diverse views of students from various backgrounds, races, cultures, and beliefs. Through advocacy, cultural programming and education, OMA will help to create an institutional ethos that celebrates multiculturalism and promotes social justice and equity for others within the campus community. OMA seeks to broaden the understanding of multiculturalism - which includes race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, ability, age, and religion - to the entire campus community, as well as acknowledge that personal identity is complex and intersectional.
  • Facebook: @CSULBOMA 
  • Instagram: @CSULBOMA
  • Twitter: @CSULB_OMA
  • Location: University Student Union, Suite 222 & 224 (USU-222 & 224)
  • Email: 
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs Website

Dream Success Center

  • The mission of the CSULB Dream Success Center is to provide holistic services, resources, and support to members of the Beach community impacted by immigration policy. The DSC commits to supporting the diverse undocumented student community by providing programs and initiatives that focus on academic support, mental health, career and professional development, and Identity exploration. We seek to empower the undocumented student experience by advocating for equity, promoting allyship, fostering partnerships, and creating dialogue of current issues.
  • Facebook: @CSULBDSC
  • Twitter: @CSULBDSC
  • Instagram: @CSULBDSC
  • Location: Student Success Center - 290
  • Email: 
  • Dream Success Center Website

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Student Organizations

Queer Student Alliance (QSA)

  • The California State University, Long Beach Queer Student Alliance is an organization providing a safe place for all individuals regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, aimed at promoting tolerance and encouraging acceptance through raising awareness of diverse LGBTQIAP+ experiences. We accomplish these goals through active community involvement and an open discussion of the issues that affect LGBTQIAP+ individuals. We are very excited to continue this journey virtually, and hope you are as well!
  • Instagram: CSULB.QSA
  • Linktree: @CSULB.QSA
  • Email:
  • QSA BeachSync Website

Delta Lambda Phi


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Resources for Trans Students

The Trans Advocacy Coalition (TAC)

  • The Trans Advocacy Coalition (TAC) is a coalition of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to trans education, resources, and advocacy on the CSULB campus and the broader community. TAC's goal is to provide an online presence for trans students, staff, and faculty, as well as to act as a central location where community members can access information and trainings on allyship, inclusion, and other forms of education.
  • TAC Website
  • Email:

Transgender Health Services for CSULB Students

  • CSULB Student Health Services is committed to providing gender affirming health services for transgender and gender diverse students. Each student has their own unique needs: medically, psychologically, and biologically. At CSULB, Student Health Services supports our students with an integrative and holistic approach that includes a collaborative team of professionals. Students seeking care will be offered information, resources, referrals, and services to support their health and wellness. All appointments are free in the clinic. The only costs are for laboratory tests and pharmaceuticals. We are able to provide both lab tests and pharmaceuticals at greatly reduced prices.

Trans Care Team / Letter of Support for Surgery

If you are seeking a gender affirming medical procedure, such as surgery, and require a letter of support, the Trans Care Team at the Counseling and Psychological Services office is happy to help. The first step is to call CAPS at 562.985.4001 to schedule an initial consultation with the member of the Trans Care Team. When you schedule the appointment, please inform the person who answered the call that you are seeking an assessment for a letter of support and would like to meet with a member of the Trans Care Team. You will not need to give details about the procedure you are seeking when scheduling the appointment.

Setting Your Preferred First Name @CSULB

  • CSULB students who identify themselves by a different first name other than their legal first name can request to establish a "preferred first name."
  • Follow these directions on how to submit a request via MyCSULB.

All-Gender Restrooms


  •  A student org: Transgender Empowerment & Advocacy is an inclusive space specifically for CSULB students that are transgender, non-binary, gender-nonconforming, genderqueer, questioning, or anyone else along those spectrums.
  • Instagram: @CSULBTEA Instagram Icon
  • Email:
  • Sign-up Website

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Updating Campus Records

Using an Affirmed Name On-Campus

For issues related to updating your campus email contact

Campus Legal Name Change

Updating Pronouns

  • For Students:
  • For Faculty & Staff: There is currently no way to update pronouns in the system. However, you are able to include your pronouns in your Outlook signature so that others know your pronouns.

For issues related to updating your campus email contact

Update Email

  • For Students: Email will be updated to reflect updates to first name within 24-48 hours. If this does not occur, you can contact the Technology Help Desk and they will assist you.
  • For Faculty & Staff: Email will be updated to reflect updates to your name within 24-48 hours. If this does not occur, you can use these steps to do so manually.

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Housing and Residential Life: LGBTIQ+ Community

Thematic Housing

  • California State University, Long Beach's Thematic Communities, provide residents an opportunity to live in a community where individuals share common personal, social, and intellectual interests. Those who chose to live in one of our five communities have an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions around common themes or academic programs. Residents participating in these communities will develop support networks that can help aid in their college transition. Thematic Communities include University Honors House (Honors Students Only), International House, First Gen House, Black & Pan-African Scholars House, and LGBTQIA+ House.
  • Thematic Learning Communities Website

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Updating Zoom Pronouns

Updating Pronouns on Zoom

  • You can update your Zoom pronouns to show automatically so that you don't have to update every time you log in. You can find instructions on their website.