Associated Faculty and Speakers

Associated Faculty

Faculty Name Faculty Information Classes (Spring 2019)

Sophia Avants, M.A., M.Ed, and C.Phil                                                  Lecturer              Email:  Office: MHB-601

Religious Studies (early rabbinic literature, ancient philosophy, and modern critical theory)                      

Jeffrey Blutinger, Ph.D.                  Professor            Email:
Office: FO2-210

Modern Europe, World, Jewish Studies (modern Jewish history, Holocaust, memory, historiography)

HIST-393: Jews of The Modern Middle East (C#9986)

HIST-499: Senior Seminar (C#5886)

Cheryl Goldstein, Ph.D.                   Assistant Professor                  Email:  Office: MHB 701

Comparative World Literature and Classics

CWL-100: Intro to World Literature (C#:4340)

CWL-215: From Cradle to Crypt (C#:9612)

CWL-315: Literature and Medicine (C#:3787)

CWL- 342: The Bible as Literature (C#:9867)

POSC- 100: Intro to American Government (C#1968)

POSC-479: Senior Seminar in Global Politics (C#4309)

Unna Lassiter, Ph.D.                        Lecturer                                              Email:      Office: PH1-213

Political Geography (the Intelligence Community, sacred places, migration and privileged expatriation, nature-society relations, human security, Iran, Sri Lanka)

GEO-314: South Asia (C#5844)

GEO-352: Geography of Travel and Tourism (C#4182)

GEO-355: International Environmental Issues (C#4181)

GEO-357: Sacred Geographies (C#4362)

Racheli Morris, M.A., and M.Ed. Lecturer  Email:    Office: FO2-201

Modern Hebrew and Israeli Culture

HEBW-101B: Fundamental of Hebrew (C#6685)

HEBW-210: Introduction to Midrash

Vahid Niayesh, Ph.D.                Lecturer                                                    Email:    Office: SSPA-241

Political Science (government and politics in the Middle East) 

POSC-367: Government and Politics in Middle East (C#:10835)

POSC-376: International Law (C#10842)

David Steward, Ph.D.                        Professor            Email:      Office: MHB-602

Religious Studies (Biblical and ancient Near Eastern religion and law; the literary art of the Hebrew Bible; intertextuality; and ancient notions of disability, otherness, sex and gender)

RST-230: Heaven, Hell, and Other Afterlives (C#7175)

RST-311: Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament (C#10223)

RST- 314: Jewish Religion (C#10219)


Speakers Bureau

Jewish Studies faculty are available for speaking engagements, and often give talks, lectures, or lead workshops for academic and non-academic groups and institutions in the wider community.

Dr. Jeffrey Blutinger is available to speak on the following topics:

  • Modern Jewish History
  • Medieval Jewish History
  • Modern Jewish Thought
  • Zionism and other Forms of Jewish Nationalism
  • The Holocaust
  • Comparative Genocide
  • Theories of Genocide
  • The History of the State of Israel
  • General European Historiography

For a list of recent talks and workshops given or led by Dr. Blutinger, click here.