International Studies is an advising-intensive major. While you should review requirements in the online catalog carefully, there is no substitute for meeting with the International Studies advisors. The sooner you schedule an appointment, the sooner you can create a personalized plan to get what you want out of the major, help you prepare for your future, and fulfill requirements in the most efficient and meaningful way possible.

Undergraduate Advisor

Internship Advisor

Education-Abroad Advisor

Department Chair

MA in International Affairs Director

For general undergraduate advising, make an appointment with Dr. Yousef Baker 

For internship advising and approval, make an appointment with Dr. Jolene McCall    

For general, pre-departure and transfer credit advising for all study abroad programs, make an appointment with Dr.

Make an appointment with Dr. Laura Ceia.        

Make an appointment with Dr. Richard Marcus for advising or questions on the MA program.   

Fall 23: by appt. only

Fall 23: by appt. only

Fall 23: by appt. only


Fall 23: by appt. only


Fall 23: by appt.; please email.




All new transfer students are required to attend SOAR. We also encourage you to come in to a major advisor early in your first semester to ensure you start off on the right track. As you work on the advising sheet some things to keep in mind:

  1. All new transfer students should register for I/ST 491 Intercultural Competency for Education Abroad and Internships. This is a ONE UNIT course.
  2. If you have transferred in 60 units you can take upper-division courses. However, if you have not completed the lower division major requirements before entering CSULB we strongly encourage you to finish those first as they will help prepare you for success at the upper division level: I/ST 100 Global Citizenship, ECON 100: Macroeconomics, I/ST 122 Skills and Methods in Global Leadership (or another from the list).   
  3. If you have completed the Lower Division requirements we encourage you to take the Gateway Requirements next: I/ST 310 Introduction to International Studies and I/ST 311 Research Methods in International Studies.
  4. A recommended sequence of I/ST requirements for your first 2 semesters:       

    First semester

    Second semester

    • I/ST 100 (3 units) or I/ST 310 if you have I/ST 100 transfer credit
    • I/ST 491 (1 unit)
    • I/ST 122 (3 units)
    • I/ST 311 (3 units)
    • I/ST 310 (3 units)
    • I/ST 300 (3 units)

    7. Students must also complete a Depth Requirement.  This can be either second language proficiency or upper-division statistics.  If you have fulfilled this requirement already then there are no additional unit requirements.  Please see the catalog for more detail.  To clear this you MUST meet with an I/ST advisor and should not assume this requirement is fulfilled before this. If you are just beginning language study, then it is strongly encouraged that you start as soon as possible to be able to finish the 300 level before you graduate. There are ways of expediting language study through study abroad and language immersion but learning a language is a process.

    8.  Meet with the Education Abroad and Internship advisor early to plan.