Abstract Writing Workshop

October 24, 2012


Writing abstracts for conferences is an important art for academics to master. Conference abstracts inform organizers of your work that is either completed or currently developing, so that they can judge its likely quality in comparison to others submitted. Conference abstracts project the future (your ultimate findings and full conference paper) and must do so convincingly and responsibly.

This workshop is designed for graduate and advanced undergraduate students who want to know more about how to craft or improve their abstract writing skills.


A presentation by Dr. Nhora Serrano (CWL), followed by a Q&A session, will give tips on how to create an interesting and successful abstract.

What should I bring? 

Please bring paper and a writing utensil. Fully-charged laptops are also encouraged. There are not many outlets available in the Karl Anatol Center.


Please visit the event’s Facebook page or Composition at the Beach to RSVP.


English Graduate Student Association (EGSA)
Associated Students of Comparative Literature
Department of English
Department of Comparative World Literature