FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies – May 2022

One entry from the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. The article examines the BBC One/HBO series Gentleman Jack (2019‐present). It analyzes the impact of Anne Lister’s (1791-1840) life and complex […]

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Linguistics – May 2022

Five entries from the Department of Linguistics. Entries include studies of Kurdish as a heritage language and of Basque, Spanish, and Tex-Mex. Rodríguez-Ordóñez, Itxaso (in press). The role of frequency in the […]

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Human Development – May 2022

Twelve entries from the Department of Human Development. Entries include studies on gender violence prevention, on issues of age, family, and literacy in China, on data collection methods, and on […]

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Environmental Science & Policy – May 2022

Four entries from the Environmental Science & Policy Program. Entries include environmental studies of the Savanna and of California Laris, Paul. On the problems and promises of savanna fire regime […]

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Economics – May 2022

Six entries from the Department of Economics. Entries include studies of the function of retailers and of financial and economic issues of China. Yutian Chen, Hui Xiong and Ying-Ju Chen, […]

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Communication Studies – May 2022

Twenty-three entries from the Department of Communication Studies. Entries include studies of classroom strategies, of the American rights of religious freedom and equal protection, of persuasion research, and of positive […]

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Journalism and Public Relations – April 2022

Seventeen entries from the Department of Journalism & Public Relations. The entries include regional studies of Southern California and Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as studies of […]

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: English – April 2022

Forty-one entries from the Department of English. Entries includes studies of modernist literature, Black Mountain and Beat poetry, composition, late-nineteenth-century U.S. women’s writing, U.S. abolitionism, and American Realism. Also featured […]

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Classics – April 2022

Eleven entries from the Department of Classics. Entries include translated editions of Katia Karadjova-Kozhuharova’s The Friendly Crocodile, a book on the Phoenician Origins of Samaria, a study of disability and […]

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Africana Studies – April 2022

Nine entries from the Department of Africana Studies. Entries include studies on freedom and speech, on the Sedjemic Person, and on activism and academics in Africana Studies as a field […]