CLA Alumni

Highlighting CSULB Alumni and Southern California Community

Welcome, College of Liberal Arts Alumni! This page is dedicated to spotlighting our alumni, highlighting scholarships, and displaying new projects. Our alumni do amazing work, engaging communities and making a difference in students’ lives.

The CLA’s mission is to supply community partnerships and opportunities for students, helping students accomplish their academic and professional goals. This work could not be done without the support of the alumni community. Each year, more than 10,000 students graduate and become Beach alumni and their accomplishments deserve to be highlighted.

CSULB is a major driver of the California Economy and Beach alumni are a major part of the state’s success rate. The university is a thriving hub of activity, working together with our many partners to keep pace with the demands of our time.

To learn more about how you can help propel the College of Liberal Arts forward, see our current philanthropic priorities. To make a gift to the College of Liberal Arts, see our giving page.

Sustaining Excellence

Below are a few of the current philanthropic priorities for the College.

  • College of Liberal Arts Internship Program: Endow the College of Liberal Arts Internship Program to supply practical training for the largest cohort of students at the university. Pairing individual students with relevant job training in their chosen fields will give them the opportunity to earn class credit while meeting graduate requirements for many disciplines. Check out
  • Center for Economic Research: Endow a new center to support economic research provided by faculty to the City of Long Beach and to private entities. This center will also allow students to take part in practical research while developing ties to public and private industries that yield job opportunities. Check out
  • Field School and Study Abroad: Provide students with real-world experiences abroad through field work for anthropology students and other international internships. Expanded support of these programs will make them more accessible to our diverse student body.
  • Global Studies Institute: Support the expansion of the Global Studies Institute by supplying funding for faculty to organize efforts that cultivate global thinking and action on and off campus. The institute supports international internships, brings diplomats and ambassadors to campus for visiting fellowships, hosts an annual lecture focusing on international and humanitarian issues, and cultivates virtual partnerships between Cal State Long Beach students and international students around the world. Check out
  • Center for Social Justice: Endow a new center that engages in social justice research and community action. This center will supply resources for faculty and students to conduct and publish research related to issues such as health disparities and equity in education and public policy. It will also help offer solutions for regional and state governments and work to create a more just and fair society.
  • Lab and Classroom Support: Provide support to ensure that the thousands of students in the college’s departments and programs learn and train on the latest technology and laboratory equipment — from language labs to the Global Information System to air traffic control technology.
  • Scholarship Support: Create and endow scholarships that increase access, provide opportunities, and allow students to focus, embrace and thrive in their academic careers.


Additional investment opportunities are available. To start a discussion, please contact Howie Fitzgerald, Director of Development at or (562)985-1619.