CLA Annual Budget Reports

CLA Budget Reporting Process

The Dean’s Office will prepare an annual budget report for the previous academic year with a projection for the current academic year. That report will include:

  • An executive summary
  • Report of income in all categories
  • Report of expenditures
  • Report of the college’s carryforward or deficit from the past year
  • Projections of income and expenditures for the current year
  • Deeper dive reports on specific issues (e.g., CERF income from CPIE programs or instructional costs by department/program)

A draft of the report will be made public as early as possible in the Fall term, and various groups (e.g., The CLA Budget Committee, CLA department chairs and program directors, and the Faculty Council) will be given opportunity to ask questions and suggest additional deeper dive analyses.

The current-year report will be revised/updated based on feedback and made available on the college’s website, and that revised draft becomes the basis for the next year’s report.

Download a PDF version of the CLA 2019-20 Budget Report and 2020-21 Budget Projections

Download a PDF version of the CLA 2020-21 Budget Report and 2021-22 Budget Projections