Comparative World Literature

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Reading the World at the Beach
Reading the World at the Beach
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Comparative World Literature studies

  • World literatures in translation and the relationships among those literatures
  • The relationship between literature and other fields such as art, music, history, philosophy and theatre

CWL @ CSULB has strong focuses in

  • Cultural Studies and Mythology as bases for understanding literature and for the ways we see ourselves in a multicultural and global environment
  • Health Humanities–our new Health Humanities Minor is coming in Fall 2021!
  • Visual Studies: Comics and Graphic Novels (CWL 213), Science Fiction and Global Technologies (CWL 305), Digital Literature and Culture (CWL 205), Theatre Today (CWL 324), Global Fantasy (CWL 405), Art & Literature (CWL 412), Film & Novel in Society (CWL 451)

CWL is a Practical Liberal Arts Major:

  • Develop your critical thinking skills
  • Develop your critical writing skills
  • Understand civilizations & cultures around the world
    • Cultivate your aesthetic sensibility
    • Develop your moral sensitivity
  • Improve your self-expression
  • Learn to analyze issues from multiple perspectives

If you are interested in going to Grad School, please contact an Advisor.

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The Comparative World Literature Program denounces the acts of violence committed against our fellow Black Americans by police brutality. We compassionately stand in unity with and support of people who have suffered due to the color of their skin. We acknowledge the historical and institutional racism that persists in America, and we call for positive change from our leaders, of this country, and of our institutions. The creation of an ethnic studies graduation requirement at CSULB would be a step toward making our students aware of the complex structures that enable racism and give them tools to foster social change. CWL embraces and celebrates the literatures and cultures of the world.

2 June 2020