Comparative World Literature

Welcome to the Comparative World Literature Program!


CWL 480 class

Comparative World Literature studies

  • World literatures in translation and the relationships among those literatures
  • The relationship between literature and other fields such as art, music, history, philosophy and theatre
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CWL @ CSULB has strong focuses in

  • Cultural Studies and Mythology as bases for understanding literature and for the ways we see ourselves in a multicultural and global environment
  • Health Humanities–our new Health Humanities Minor is available for enrollment!
  • Visual Studies: Comics and Graphic Narratives (CWL 213), Science Fiction and Global Technologies (CWL 305), Digital Literature and Culture (CWL 205), Theatre Today (CWL 324), Global Fantasy (CWL 405), Art & Literature (CWL 412), Film & Novel in Society (CWL 451)
  • other fascinating and useful topics

CWL is a Practical Liberal Arts Major:

  • Develop your critical thinking skills
  • Develop your critical writing skills
  • Understand civilizations & cultures around the world
    • Cultivate your aesthetic sensibility
    • Develop your moral sensitivity
  • Improve your self-expression
  • Learn to analyze issues from multiple perspectives

Check out our Health Humanities Minor!!

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