Internships Program

Internships Advisor: Prof. Vlatka Velcic 

Course Information:

CWL 492, 1-3 units (variable). Offered Spring 2015. Internships should run concurrent to the Spring 2015 semester. Summer and Fall Internships can be taken by arrangement with the Internships Advisor.


The Comparative World Literature Program is deeply committed to helping its students transition into successful, rewarding, inspiring careers related to our coursework, program life, and disciplinary goals. Internships are an excellent bridge between undergraduate education and the professional world. The Program is therefore offering an internship program for majors/minors for variable units. The program advisor will provide guidance for students throughout the internship experience, helping them to maximize the potential for professional growth and to build connections in various industries.
Students are encouraged to seek internships related to the disciplines of Comparative Literature, World Literature, and Cultural Studies – these may include working with companies and organizations involved in publishing, literary arts, research, cultural events, media, translation/interpretation, values-based community work (especially with cultural emphases), historical preservation, film and other narrative arts, and education.


First, students secure internships independently; you may also contact the Advisor for advice or for internships created especially for Comparative World Literature students. See Advisor also to discuss the process of securing a suitable internship, as well as to establish commitment levels depending on your desired number of units (1-3) for the CWL 492 Course.

Each internship must be established according to University protocol with a standing agreement signed by CSULB Risk Management. The Advisor will manage the process, so contact him/her when you have a lead on an internship. Agreements ensure that if anything happens during your participation in internship-related activities, you will be covered by insurance.

The course can be taken in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the CWL Minor. Currently, the course does not satisfy requirements for the CWL Major, but can be used to satisfy University requirements for Upper Division Course units.

Please contact Prof. Vlatka Velcic for more information at