Archival Videos:

One Balboa 3-reel silent movie:

The Crooked Road (1916): This copy (click on Archival Videos to view) comes from the Library of Congress.

Two Charter Communications TV productions:

Talk of the Town” was produced by Ron Petke; permission was given by Charter and Ron Petke to post both videos on this website. Click on Archival Videos to view:

Periscope: Balboa Studios (August 1999)
Talk of the Town: Salute to Balboa Studios (April 04, 2000)

Balboa Posters:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Four posters from films produced by Balboa:

The Neglected Wife (Episode 3: “In the Crucible”)
The Neglected Wife (Episode 1: “The Woman Alone”)
St. Elmo
Who Pays? (Chapter 12: “Toil and Tyranny”)

Poster Mountain Collector Services

Seven posters from both Balboa and Diando Studios with Baby Marie. No need to log in. On “Home” page, click “View Poster,” then enter “Baby Marie” as subject; finally click on the one “Baby Marie” poster to view all seven:

Little Mary Sunshine (Balboa; 3 of the same poster)
Shadows and Sunshine (Balboa; one poster)
The Little Diplomat (Diando; 2 of the same poster)
A Daughter of the West
(Diando; one poster)

Books & Blogs with Photos:

Silent Visions by John Bengtson

Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd did film in Long Beach, at the Pike and Silver Spray Pier, explained in great detail in John Bengtson’s book about Harold Lloyd.

Blog by John Bengtson

Note that both Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton used the Pike carousel and setting in their early movies.

Links to Balboa Archives:

  1. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  2. American Film Institute
  3. Bison Archives
  4. Cinémathèque française (France)
  5. Historical Society of Long Beach
  6. Library of Congress
  7. Lobster Films (France)
  8. Long Beach Heritage
  9. Long Beach Heritage Museum
  10. Long Beach Public Library: The L.B. history index can be accessed through the library website. Click on library catalog on left sidebar then Long Beach History index. Most of the information about Balboa can be found under the subject heading “Film Studios,” also the keyword “Balboa.”

Restaurant with Balboa Theme:

Shillelagh (no website)

2742 E. 4th Street (southwest corner of Temple and 4th)
Long Beach, CA 90893

Hours: (closed Mondays)

Tu, Wed, Th, Fri: 10:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M.; 5:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.
Sat & Sun:
(all day and evening) 8:00 A.M.-9:00 P.M.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, adjoining an Irish pub (O’Connell’s), but they’re separate establishments. Shillelagh was built in 1911, offering healthy cuisine with a very charming patio option, housing the Long Beach Heritage Museum’s “The Great Balboa Film Studio” exhibit. Shillelagh’s full of delectible surprises (meaty and meatless)–creative soups, salads, and desserts–many vegetarian/vegan options and unexpected delights, that is, a friendly atmosphere with daily specials, even a pet friendly patio (dogs eat free), along with beer, wine, and vegetarian options.

Taylorology: Website on William Desmond Taylor

Bruce Long of Arizona State University established and maintains this “taylorology” website.